AwesomeEngines® Timeline

03-01-2018 AwesomeEngines® Timeline

10-12-2014: Having a motorcycle incident late in 2014 at the New Jersey motorsport complex, Bill has fully recovered from all injuries. It was a time consuming healing process for broken, bones bumps and bruises


01-03-2017: Joey Gladstone, cnc machinist, helper and in the process of being an engine builder, got a shot at Pro Stock NHRA Bike Racing. It was his time to move as we invested heavily in his very 1st and 2nd Pro Stock racing introduction but could not be a 100% sponsor. We are very glad for Joey and stood in no way of his chance of becoming one of the best riders in the business in anything he sits on. Bitter sweet, no, just his time to fly and become the champion that is lurking inside.


03-01-2017: Bill was all healed up and took back the full duty of doing all the CNC work, complete beginning to end and every step in between engine building as well as all dyno testing as before the motorcycle accident. Anyone who knows Bill, perfection is his #1 trait of “if it is not perfect, it will not be very long”. His goal to always be and nothing less in between is exceptionable, Bill has decided to slow it down and  just concentrate on his engines 100%.


08-01-2018: Lamont Johnson, excellent customer and racer joins the team of AwesomeEngines®. Lamont being familiar with drag racing was a perfect fit for AwesomeEngines®. He come in to help Bill in any way he was needed. He is beside Bill at all times and with the mind of a hawk and has been picking up very well on what it takes to be a good engine builder. He works hard, keeps quiet so he can listen and has blended perfectly with his new position and team member. Lamont is a good addition to AwesomeEngines® and learns very quickly. Lamont helping to carry the load now, the engines are nothing but better after this readjustment in life. Bill still does it near perfect;


  1. Full CNC block machining; Bill can fully race prep any block he wants to perfection in 2 hours.

  2. That includes probing the block to make sure its a perfect candidate to build,

  3. Decking the block to perfect 45° bank angles from the cam and crank center line

  4. Boring perfect 45° bank angles and dead on blueprint bore centers

  5. Lifter bore sizes performed to a correction or oversize specifications

  6. Boring dead on blueprint centers and installing lifter bore bushings

  7. Radial clearing the block for strokes up to 6.000″

  8. Putting name, serial number and date on every block to assure it is really an AwesomeEngine®

  9.  Final plate honing to required sizes is done by Bill on his Sunnen CV616 to perfection as always

  10. Install cam bearings and brass or stainless steel freeze plugs

  11. Hot wash and ready for assembly rounding out all steps in between


03-01-2018: After a thoughtful and long reconsideration of which way AwesomeEngines® will be going this year, AwesomeEngines® has made the decision to advertise with our house cars and customers. With changing times and changing people, we are only investing in ourselves, our associates that work directly for us and our real paying customers.

This is not to say we will never stop helping any racer in need, just not a particular racer we were going to help. Remember just because someone says something, that does not make it true without all facts being known, please do not jump to conclusions and believe anything you may hear. You can contact us any time if you want to know what is happening. Thank you



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