AwesomeEngines® took possession of its 3rd and now 2013 brand new B4250 4 Axis CNC machine. While the 2010 model was a very good model, the advancements in technology just put the new machine years ahead of the older models and updated it with what the last 3 years told them to do. With a new rail system for everything to glide around on, we can now run @ 2000 ipm from a 400 ipm max with the 2010 model. This new machine is the fastest thing I have ever seen. With a totally new Windows processor, faster servos and the new windows operating system, it is a snap to work the machine. The ease of this machine is nothing like the older model.

With all new electronics, probes and tool touch off probes, setting the tools up and the tool heights are a snap. With 2 brakes now holding the block even tighter, nothing seems to move and .0002 is the normal out of spec.  Nothing beats a true CNC blueprinted block for fitting right and being dead on in every dimension.  If your looking for quality machined blocks, you better ask yourself if you want 50 year old machining practices that have no control on where to put things, only punch holes and deck from surfaces already and your engine will suffer from it. Scary part is engine builders do not knows this and just keeps pushing these rejects in to the public. With out probing a properly set up block in a CNC machining center, you get guess work.

Most machine shops will never invest in this type of technology and only talk about how you don’t really need it because they do not know. Perfect can not get any better and perfection never gets old. What we have found in new blocks now that we have a standard to check them with is sometimes scary. Bad blocks are produced and sold every day, if you can not measure them, you just get them and don’t know it. Its like buying a house with termites, you think your safe then it all crumbles around you.  CNC race prepped blueprint blocks are nothing but the best.

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