306CI SBF 400Hp Street Heat Ford Crate Engine

306ci SBF 400HP Street Heat Ford Crate Engine



  • 302 Ford Block Totally CNC Reconditioned to 4.030
  • Bored, Decked, Aline Honed New Cam Bearings Freeze Plugs
  • Block Plate Honed with Bolts
  • Ford .010/.010 Reconditioned Crank Balanced to Specs
  • Ford Reconditioned Rods
  • New Clevite Main and Rod Bearings
  • Speed Pro Forged Racing Pistons 10.5:1
  • Total Seal Plasma Moly Ring Package
  • New Comp Cams 280/480 Hydraulic Cam
  • Double True Roller Timing Set
  • New Hydraulic Lifters
  • Timing Cover w/Billet TDC Pointer
  • Ford External 50 oz 4 Bolt Late Balancer
  • Brand New Pro Flow Aluminum 190cc
  • 8mm 2.02/1.60 Manley Stainless Steel Valves
  • New Springs, Retainers, Locks and PC Seals
  • New Fel Pro Head Gaskets
  • Chrome Moly Thick Wall Push Rods
  • New Comp Cams Roller Rockers
  • Chrome New Valve Cover Set
  • M63 Melling Oil Pump
  • Front or Rear Sump Oil Pan Installed
  • Dual Plane Pro Series Intake Manifold
  • Holley Ford 600 Carb for Automatic Transmission
  • HEI Street Series Distributor, Wires and NGK Plugs
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Available Upgrades

Matching 50oz Flexplate
+ $ 55.00
Matching 50 oz Flywheel
+ $ 75.00

This Engine will be dyno tested if purchased

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