400 428 455 Pontiac Crate Engines

400 428 455ci Crate Engines


Having our fully CNC block machining center, we are as good as any and better than most. With over 40 years of experience building Pontiac engines, it helps us be the  best places to purchase your re-manufactured or brand new Pontiac street or race engine.


The block starts with a slow hot acid bath to remove all debris from the block. The block then gets hot washed then carefully checked for defects. After 100% inspection of the block it is loaded in our CNC machining center. It gets fully CNC probed in all the areas of the block so it can be finished machined to blue print perfect specifications. CNC race prepped dead on bore centers and 45° bank angles bored from .020 to .060 over. The block never leaves the machine and is then resurfaced to 45° perfect bank angles. Lifter bores are machined if needed to .875 or .904″ to correct angles and placement if needed. The block is lastly rotated 180° and radial clearance if you want a stroker up to a 4¾” stroke. The block is removed then honed to specifications of .0002 dead on then hot washed again.


Crank shaft is treated to a full inspection. Then, only ground to an under size if not perfect in standard. We  recondition all rods to perfect specifications with brand new ARP bolts. Then internally balance the complete assembly.

Pontiac steel heads are reconditioned completely including a real 3 angle valve job on the intake and exhaust valves to find home. Heads are resurfaced, hot washed again, then new valve springs, locks, seals all set up for camshaft of choice and assembled correctly.


We use a complete master rebuild kit with all appropriate sizes for pistons, pins, rings, bearings, seals, gaskets, oil pump, timing set, cam, lifters, oil pump, pick up tube, freeze plug kit and small parts kit if available for year, make, model all OEM standard.


After completely assembled, the engine gets the oil pump primed, new spark plugs then to the dyno. We run the engine for break in and insure all components are functioning and all engines vitals are perfect. We control all areas of the engine on the dyno with every aspect of the engines performance as well as oil pressure, engine temperature and power recorded up to 5000 rpm? We never leave the crucial break in period to anyone but us that know how to do it best.


  • Pontiac 400 CNC Race Prepped Block .020 to .060 over
  • Head Bolt Kit for Specific Fit
  • Brass Freeze Plug Kit Installed
  • Crank Shaft Reconditioned Undersized then Internally Balanced
  • Pontiac Steel Rods Reconditioned with New ARP Rod Bolts
  • Clevite or King Cam, Main and Rod Bearings Installed
  • Stock OEM Replacement Pistons for Correct Compression
  • Stock OEM Replacement Moly Piston Ring Set
  • Stock OEM Replacement Camshaft
  • Stock OEM Replacement Complete 3 Piece Timing Kit
  • Reconditioned or New Pontiac Aluminum Timing Cover and Kit
  • Stock OEM Replacement Hydraulic Lifters
  • New Internally Balanced Damper if Needed
  • Pontiac Steel Heads Completely Rebuilt to Specifications
  • Reconditioned or New Replacement Intake and Exhaust Valves
  • New Replacement Valve Springs, Locks and Valve Guide Seals
  • New OEM Stock Replacement Push Rods
  • Recondition or New Rocker Arm, Ball and Nut Kit
  • New OEM Melling Stock Oil Pump and Proper Pickup Tube
  • Pontiac Reconditioned or New Oil Pan if Original Pan is not Good
  • Chrome Stock Valve Covers with Baffle for PCV Installed
  • Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds are Available
  • Edelbrock and Holley Carburetors are Available
  • HEI, MSD or Point Style Distributors  are Available
  • 48 state freight is available to your zip code, I need it to price it.

Available Upgrades

421, 428 or 455ci 3.25″ Main Larger Bore Engines Core When and if are Available
+ $ 695.00
MR1 Iron Block with Steel Billet Splayed 4 Bolt Main Caps Fully Race Prepped Real Deal Block
+ $2795.00
4.250″ Cast Stroker Crank, New -6.0cc Forged Pistons and 6.800″ I Beam Steel Rods Internally Balanced
+ $1499.00
Forged Stock Replacement Pistons or Aftermarket Series like JE, Wiseco or Mahle (from)
+ $ 699.00
Comp Cams Magnum Series Pro Street Bumpity Bump Sounding Camshaft for Power Brakes or Just a Really Good Sounding Cam if Not
+ $ 195.00
Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Cam, Roller Lifters, Roller Tip Rockers, Springs, Retainers, Locks and Push Rods (Street Heat Version)
+ $1099.00
T&D Shaft Rocker System Installed
+ $1299.00
Edelbrock Performer or Performer RPM Intake Manifold
+ $ 349.00
Edelbrock Performer Series 750 cfm Carburetor
+ $ 449.00
Holley Avenger 870 cfm Carburetor with Electric Choke
+ $ 499.00
Edelbrock #61569 Aluminum D Port Cylinder Heads (others available included fully cnc versions)
+ $1399.00
MSD Ready to Run Dyno Tuned Distributor (you will need a coil only)
+ $ 399.00
SFI Power Bond Internally Balanced Dampener Specific Honed to Crank Snout Specification
+ $ 249.00
ATI SFI Super Damper, Specific Honed to Crank Snouts Specification and SFI Heavy Duty Flexplate with ARP Bolts
+ $ 599.00
Steel Billet Flywheel Internally Balanced are Available for Manual Transmission Vehicles
+ $ 349.00
Complete 50-519 ( 650hp )Sniper Complete with 160 Pump Fuel Injection System Installed, Dyno Tested and Tuned (Silver or Gold Color is Available)
+ $1495.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned with 93° Pump Gas • HP corrected to Sea Level

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