434 or 462CI Small Block Ford Magnum Short Block

434 or 462ci Small Block Ford Magnum Short Block


Dart #31385235 4.155 to 4.185″ Iron Eagle .875″ Lifter Steel Billet Splayed Cap 9.5″ Race Block • CNC Centroid 4-Axis Machined • Cam Bearings and Brass Freeze Plugs Installed • Professionally Assembled with the Rotator Listed Below

Callies, Crower or Lunati Pro Series 4.000 or 4.250″ Internally Balanced Crank ­ ­• Oliver C6200SVO-STLT8 I-Beam Steel Rods • JE or Wiseco 8:1 to 14:1 Pistons •  SS TNT Total Seal or Hell Fire Power Adder .043/.043/3.0mm Rings • Tool Steel 170 Wall Wrist Pins • King “HP” Bearings

Available Options

Dart Aluminum Block Fully CNC Blue Printed then Race Prepped on our in House Centroid Block Machining Center
+ $2995.00
JE or Wiseco Super Dish 8:1 Pistons (will need to know combustion chamber size and cylinder head using)
+ $295.00
468ci Option with 4.250″ Crank 4.185″ Bore with 6.200 Oliver Billet Rods
+ $195.00
GRP Billet Aluminum Rods (additional machine work required)
+ $195.00
Total Seal Tool Steel Extreme Duty .043 Piston Rings
+ $195.00
Tool Steel .200 to 220″ Thick Wall Wrist Pins (heavy metal may be required)
+ $195.00
Camshaft Kit Below (standard 54mm cam only)
+ $695.00
Deluxe Short Block Kit Below (standard 54mm cam only)
+ $1855.00
Fel Pro MLS Head Gaskets (pair only)
+ $195.00
Oring Block to Blue Print Bore Specifications and Install Stainless Steel .041″ Wire
+ $150.00
ARP Head Stud Kit Used For Plate Honing For Your Heads (from)
+ $145.00
Heavy metal per slug for balancing Crank for Proper Bob Weight for Particular Application(from)
+ $75.00

Cam Shaft Kit

  1. Comp Cams .800″ Lift Custom Billet Roller Camshaft or Your Choice!
  2. Cloyes Billet 3 Piece True Roller Timing Set Installed
  3. Degree Cam Shaft to Proper Specifications
  4. Comp Cams Camshaft Install Kit
  5. Comps Cams Lock Plate

Deluxe Short Block Kit

  1. Comp Cams .800″ Lift Steel Billet Roller Camshaft Your Choice Kit Above!
  2. Brand New After Market Solid Ford Aluminum Timing Cover Installed
  3. ATI Steel Cover Super Damper Balancer TDC Verified and Installed
  4. CNC Billet Adjustable Timing Pointer TDC Verified Installed
  5. Moroso HV Oil Pump Kit Proper supported Pick Up Tube
  6. Moroso or Canton Eliminator Oil Pan and Kick-out
  7. Timing Cover and Fel Pro Oil Pan Gaskets
  8. Comp Cams Belt Drive $1395.00

Short Blocks Come with Blue Print and Balance Sheet as well as all Product Information, Stickers and Contingency Information

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