440ci 1250 Hp SBC Nitrous Race Engine

440ci 1250 Hp SBC Nitrous Race Engine

This 440 ci Nitrous Race Engine is loaded with the best engine parts available. Dart Iron Eagle fully CNC race prepped block, Callies Magnum or Crower Enduro Steel Crank, Callies Ultra Series Steel I-Beam Rods with ARP L19 bolts, AFR 245cc NPP aluminum fully CNC ported heads, Jesel or TD Shaft rockers, NX RNC plate all makes this a very nice engine with a 500 Hp tune installed and leaves 200 Hp left with our new RNC plate system.


9.0″ Deck | 4.185″ Bore | 4.0″ Stroke | 5.85″ Rods | 1250 HP 500 Hp Tune @ 7000 rpm


  • Dart Raised Cam Iron Eagle CNC Race Prepped RC Block
  • Deck Machined for Oring and Copper SCE Racing Head Gaskets
  • ARP 12 Point Head Stud Kit Plate Honed with Block
  • Callies Magnum or Crower Enduro 4340 Internally Balanced Steel Crank
  • Callies Ultra I-Beam Steel Heavy Duty Rods with ARP L19 Bolts
  • King “HP” Race Series Main and Rod Bearings
  • JE or Wiseco Gas Ported C-Skirt N2O Pro Series Nitrous Pistons
  • Tool Steel .250″ Wall Wrist Pins for Severe Duty Application
  • Total Seal 043/043/3.0 mm NOS Stainless Steel, TNT or Hell Fire Rings
  • Comp Cams BBC Journal Solid Roller .800″ Cam
  • Cloyes Billet True Roller with Torrington Bearing Timing Kit
  • Isky Red Zone EZ-Roll Max Solid Bushing Roller Lifters
  • ATI Internally Balanced Specific Honed to Fit SFI Damper
  • AFR 245cc NPP Fully CNC Ported Aluminum Heads
  • 2.125 Intake and 1.6″ Exhaust Stainless Steel Severe Duty Valves
  • Pac 1225 Roller Springs and 10° Titanium Retainers
  • SCE Copper Head Gaskets and Receiver Grooved Heads
  • Manley 7/16″ x .165″ Wall Severe Duty Push Rods
  • T&D 1.6/1.6 Shaft Rocker System Installed
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Logo Powder Coated Valve Covers
  • Moroso 8 qt. Pro Eliminator Aluminum Oil Pan and Oil Pump Kit
  • Nitrous Express RNC 750HP Plate System Kit
  • Motown 4150 Match Ported Intake Manifold
  • Holley or QFT 950cfm NOS Race Prepped  Carburetor
  • MSD Distributor, Crank Trigger, 8.5mm Wires, NGK Race Series Plugs
  • Completely Dyno Tested and Tuned

Available Upgrades

Dart or Brodix Raised Cam Aluminum Race Block, Fully CNC Race Prepped and ARP Special Head Stud Kit Included
+ $3975.00
GRP N2O Max Series Severe Duty Aluminum Rods Includes Extra Block Clearance
+ $375.00
Dart or Brodix 18° Fully CNC Ported Nitrous Cylinder Heads and Intake Manifold CNC Match Ported to Heads
+ $975.00
Moroso Complete External Oil Pump with Special Pro Eliminator Aluminum Revised Oil Pan and Special Pickup Installed
+ $ 775.00
Moroso Complete 4 Stage Dry Sump System Installed
+ $2975.00
Moroso Accumulator System Installed
+ $ 275.00
Moroso 3 Vane Vacuum Pump System and Pump Mounted Relief Valve, Billet 3 Bolt Mandrel, Lines, Billet Tank and All Hardware
+ $1075.00
NX 200-500 Hp 2nd Stage Complete Shark Nozzle System CNC Perfectly Installed with L-250 Low Amp Solenoids and 10 lb Bottle
+ $1775.00
Ultra SFI Flex-plate  Internally Balanced in House Flex-Plate and ARP Bolt Kit
+ $ 125.00
New Max-2000 Series 2000 Hp Power Glide with Roller Bearing Extension and All Top Shelf Internals 60 Day Warranty
+ $3875.00
New Pro Max-3000 Series 3000 Hp Power Glide with Pro Mod Pump, NASA Ringless Shaft and 10 Clutch Direct Drum 1 year Warranty
+ $4275.00
10″ Custom N2O Torque Converter with Steel Stator Custom Pump and Turbine Built for 2000 HP
+ $1475.00
Power Master XL Series Race Starter
+ $ 225.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned with Vacuum Pump • HP Corrected to Sea Level

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