493ci 600HP RB Mopar Street Heat Crate Engine

493ci 600HP RB Mopar Street Heat Crate Engine

New and Improved with Larger Stroke; Affordable RB Mopar Street Engine with Plenty of Power and Available in Pro Street Heat Version


Bore 4.375″ | Stroke 4.150″ | Rod 6.760″ | Torque 600lb @ 4600 rpm | Hp 600 @ 5600 rpm


  • AR CNC Race Prepped Studded Mains 440 Reconditioned Block
  • Pro Series Head Stud Kit Plate Honed w/Block
  • Stainless Steel Freeze Plugs For Lifetime Service
  • AR, Eagle or K1 Pro Series 4340 Internally Balanced Steel Crank
  • 4340 H-Beam Fully Floated Bushed Rods with ARP Bolts
  • King “HP” Series Main and Rod Bearings
  • JE or Wiseco 10.5:1 Forged 2618 Pistons
  • Total Seal File to Fit Race Series Plasma Moly Rings
  • Comp Cams .600″ Lift Hydraulic Roller Cam
  • USA Hydraulic Pro Street Roller Lifters
  • Double Roller Heavy Duty Timing Set
  • Chrome Timing Cover Kit with TDC Pointer
  • AR SFI Internally Balanced Damper
  • AR Aluminum Heads w/280cc Int/72cccc /78cc Exh
  • LPC or Manley 2.25/1.880 Stainless Steel Valves
  • Comp Cams Complete Bee Hive Spring and Retainer Kit
  • Fel Pro Pre Rolled Head Gaskets
  • Manley 3/8 x .120″ Thick Wall Push Rods
  • AR Pro Series Shaft Rocker System Installed
  • Mopar Performance Valve Covers
  • Melling High Pressure Oil Pump Kit
  • Milodon Oil Pan and Pick Up Tube Kit Installed
  • Weiand 4150 Single Plane Team G Intake
  • AR 950cfm 4150 Carburetor
  • Pro Billet MSD Distributor, 8.5mm Plug Wires and NGK Plugs
  • AwesomeEngines® T-Shirt, (free 48 freight, see race news/engine warranty)

Available Upgrades

Comp Cams Complete Solid Roller Pro Street Heat Package with .600″ Lift Cam and Nex Tek Springs
+ $ 495.00
Fully CNC Ported Pro Street Aluminum Heads (40hp more with solid roller upgrade)
+ $ 995.00
FAST EFI Fuel Injection Kit
+ $1995.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned with Exxon 93° Pump Gas • Vacuum Pump • HP corrected to Sea Level

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