540-572ci BBM 440 Bracket Rotating Assemblies

540-572 ci BBM 440 Bracket Rotating Assemblies


Eagle, K1 or Scat 4340 4.5″ Internally Balanced Crank • Eagle, K1 or Scat H-Beam 7.1″ Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts • JE or Wiseco up to 14.7:1, (depends on ci), Compression Flat Top Forged Racing Pistons  • Oil Rail Supports • Total Seal Plasma Moly Rings • Clevite or King HP Race Series Bearings • Balance Sheet, Stickers, Contingency and Product Information Included •


Available Upgrades

Callies Dragon Slayer 4.5″ Stroke Internally Balanced 4340 Steel Crankshaft and Balancing (when and if ever again available)
+ $1275.00
Callies Magnum or Crower Enduro 4.0 to 4.75″ Stroke Severe Duty 4340 Internally Balanced Crank Shaft with Normal NA Bob Weight
+ $1675.00
Oliver I Beam Steel Connecting Rods with ARP L19 Severe Duty Bolts
+ $ 975.00
Callies Ultra Series I Beam Steel Connecting Rods with ARP L19 Severe Duty Bolts
+ $1275.00
JE or Wiseco Custom Per Application Desired Racing Pistons with Upgraded .043/.043/3.0mm Ring Package
+ $475.00
Total Seal Stainless Steel, TNT® or Hell Fire Severe Duty Racing Ring Package
+ $150.00
Tool Steel .180″ Thick Wall Wrist Pins (may require more heavy metal and charges, for added pin weight)
+ $150.00
SFI Ultra Flex-plate Internally Balanced in House with ARP Flex-plate Bolts
+ $125.00
Cheap Offshore SFI Internally Balanced Harmonic Damper
+ $175.00
ATI SFI Best in the Business Internally Balanced Harmonic Damper
+ $375.00
Clean, Re-Lube and Re-Torque Rods, Check and Adjust Dimension if Needed, Pin Fit Rods and Pistons, Polish Crank after Balancing

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