615ci 1095Hp BBC Pro Bracket Race Engine

615ci BBC 1095 HP Pro Bracket Race Engine


9.85″ Deck | 4.6″ Bore | 4.625″ Stroke | 6.535″ Rods | 1095 Hp @7200 rpm 870 lb @ 5800 rpm

Components Included

  • World IV Splayed Cap 4 Axis CNC Race Prepped Block
  • Stainless Steel Freeze Plug Kit Installed for Life Time Service
  • ARP Head and Inner Valley Stud Kit Plate Honed with Block
  • Manley or Scat 4340 Steel Internally Balanced Crank
  • Callies, K1 or Manley H Beam Steel Rods with ARP 2000 or L19  Bolts
  • King HP Race Series Main and Rod Bearings
  • JE or Wiseco 15.8:1 Quick 16 Gas Ported Coated Skirt Pistons
  • Total Seal SS or Hell Fire .043/.043/3 mm Light Weight Racing Ring Set
  • Comp Cams Steel Billet .850 Lift 7/4 Swap Solid Roller Camshaft
  • Comp Cams New Design HIPPO Severe Duty Solid Roller Lifters
  • Cloyes Billet True Roller with Torrington Bearing
  • GM Timing Cover and TDC Verified Billet Pointer
  • ATI Damper Specific Honed to Fit Internally Balanced SFI Damper
  • Brodix Head Hunter 383 Oval Port Fully CNC Heads
  • Brodix 2.375″ x 1.850″ Stainless Steel Valves
  • Manley or Pac Triple Roller Springs and Titanium Retainers
  • Cometic or Fel Pro MLS Severe Duty Multi Layered Head Gaskets
  • Manley Chrome Moly 3/8″ x .120″ Thick Wall Push Rods
  • Jesel or T&D Pro Series Shaft Rocker System Installed
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Logo Powder Coated Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Moroso #22185 HV Oil Pump Kit with Tig Welded Pickup
  • Moroso #22147 Eliminator Series Oil Pan with Kick Out and Windage Tray
  • Brodix BM2017 Oval Port Intake CNC Match Ported to the Cylinder Heads
  • Holley Ultra or QFT Black Diamond 1400cfm Carburetor and CNC Spacer
  • MSD 84697 Distributor, Crank Trigger, Wires and NGK Plugs
  • Power Master Ultra Series Starter, SFI Flexplate and ARP Bolt Kit

Available Upgrades

Dart Big M Pro Series Block with Steel Billet Main Cap, 54mm Cam, .904″ Lifter and Spread Oil Pan and Upgraded 54mm Cam and Lifters
+ $ 995.00
Callies Magnum or Crower Enduro 4340 USA Center Counter Weight Internally Balanced Crank and Heavy Metal Included in the Price
+ $1295.00
Callies XL Light Weight 4340 USA Center Counter Weight Internally Balanced Crank and Heavy Metal Included in the Price
+ $1695.00
Oliver Steel I Beam Max Series Rods and L19 Bolts
+ $ 895.00
Callies Ultra Series I Beam Rods and L19 Bolts
+ $1095.00
Comp Cams New Needless Bushed Roller Lifters (these are the new era of roller lifters)
+ $ 295.00
Isky EZ MAX 37296LO180 Bushed Roller Lifters (best in the business)
+ $ 895.00
Jesel or T&D Pro Series Shaft Rocker System with Spring Oilers and Roller Tip Option
+ $ 395.00
Jesel Belt Drive Installed (raised cam add $1295)
+ $ 895.00
Comp Cams Trend  7/16 x .165″ Double Taper Wall Chrome Moly Intake Push Rods Installed and Machined Clearance
+ $ 495.00
Moroso #22163 Billet Oil Pump
+ $ 245.00
Moroso #22167 Billet Gerotor Oil Pump
+ $ 325.00
Moroso #20385 Pro Eliminator Aluminum (custom wide pan version for big m pro add $495)
+ $ 395.00
Holley Sniper Stealth EFI 550-842 EFI up to 1500 NA Hp, 12-848 Fuel Pressure Regulator, 526-2 EFI Fuel Pump Kit Dyno Tested and Tuned
+ $1945.00
Moroso Vacuum Pump, Pump Mounted Relief Valve, 3 Bolt Mandrel, Hoses, AN Fittings, Brackets, Pulley’s for a Complete Kit
+ $1075.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned ­­with • 112 Race Fuel • Crank Trigger • Vacuum Pump • HP Corrected To Sea Level

Free freight is for shipping to your areas nearest UPS terminal or commercial address. If there are any requested special handling fees, residential, lift gate service, out of area charges where you have it shipped to, that will be known to you before shipping.

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