632ci 925HP BBC Race Engine

632ci 925Hp BBC Race Engine

Just a really nice all brand new race ready complete drop in engine that will supply you with all the power you need to go racing in any form. This bracket engine will not need a ton of converter or gear ratio. This is a low rpm, 6800rpm torque monster!


10.195″ Deck | 4.600″ Bore | 4.750″ Stroke | 6.700″ Rod | 800lb @ 5250/925Hp@ 6800 rpm


  • Merlin III Fully CNC Race Prepped Splayed Cap Block
  • 12 Point Head Stud Kit Used w/Plate Honing the Block
  • Stainless Steel Life Time Freeze Plug Kit Installed
  • AR-Pro Series 4340 Internally Balanced Steel Crank
  • AR-Pro Series 4340 I-Beam 6.700″ Rods
  • King “HP” Series Racing Main and Rod Bearings
  • Wiseco 14:1 K427B100 Pistons .043 Ring Package (10:1 to 13:1 ava)
  • .180″ Wall Heavy Duty Steel Wrist Pins
  • Total Seal .043 File to Fit Plasma Moly Ring Package
  • AwesomeEngines® Comp Cams House .775 Lift Roller Cam
  • Quiet Gear Drive Assembly w/Solid Aluminum Front Cover
  • Morel +.300″ Solid Roller Lifters
  • PRW SFI Internally Balanced Steel Damper
  • AR-Direct Motion Fully CNC Ported 355cc Aluminum Heads
  • Manley 2.300″ x 1.880″ Stainless Steel Valves
  • Manley Nex Tek 1.640 Springs w/Titanium Retainers
  • Fel Pro 1057 Pre-Flattened Racing Head Gaskets
  • Manley 3/8″ x .120 Wall Severe Duty Push Rods
  • Harland Sharp 1.8 Roller Rockers
  • Jomar Pro Series Stud Girdle Installed
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Engraved Valve Covers
  • AR-Moroso Blue Printed Oil Pump Kit
  • AR-Moroso 20405 7qt Chassis Drag Race Oil Pan
  • Holley 1150cfm Dominator Carburetor and Spacer (add $995)
  • ProFiler CNC Match Ported Special Intake Manifold
  • Pro Billet Distributor, Wires w/NGK Plugs (add $295)

Available Upgrades

AwesomeEngines® Pro Series SFI 168 Tooth Flex-plate Internally Balanced in House w/ARP Bolts
+ $125.00
AwesomeEngines® Pro Series High Torque Gear Reduction 4Hp New Design Heavy Duty Starter
+ $125.00
AwesomeEngines® Pro Series Crank Trigger System Installed and Dyno Tested
+ $225.00
AwesomeEngines®  Moroso Electric Water Pump Installed and Ready to Race Engine
+ $355.00
AwesomeEngines® Ready to Race Engine w/Flex-plate, Starter, Crank Trigger, Electric Water Pump Package
+ $795.00
Moroso Complete Dyno Tested Vacuum Pump System Installed
+ $995.00

Dyno T&T w/112 Race Fuel • Vacuum Pump • HP Corrected To Sea Level

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