BBC 565ci Aluminum Short Block

BBC 565ci Aluminum Short Block


BRODIX or DART Aluminum Splayed Cap Light Weight Race Block • 100% CNC Machined to Exact Blue Printed Bore Centers • CNC 4 Axis 45° Square Decked From Cam and Crank • Stroker Clearance off Blue Print Bore Centers • Plate Hone to .0002″ • Cam Bearings Installed • Assembled with the Rotator Listed Below

SCAT 4.250″ 4340 Internally Balanced Steel Crank • SCAT 6.535″ H-Beam Rods • JE / WISECO 8 – 11:1 Pump Gas Coated Skirt Pistons • JE / WISECO 1/16-1/16-3/16″ Plasma Moly Rings • CLEVITE or KING Race Bearings •

Available Upgrades

Callies Magnum Series Crank Shafts Available in all Strokes (might require heavy metal)
+ $1475.00
Scat 4340 Light Weight 64 lb Crank Shaft 4.250 Stroke
+ $ 795.00
Scat 4340 Super Light 59 lb Crank Shaft 4.250 Stroke
+ $1075.00
55 mm Cam Bearings and .904 Lifter Bore Upgrade
+ $ 975.00
K1 Steel Billet or Manley H Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
+ $ 195.00
JE or Wiseco Nitrous Version Quick 16 Gas Ported Coated Skirt Pistons with .043 .043 3.0 mm Upgraded Ring Package
+ $ 475.00
Total Seal Stainless Steel, TNT or Hell Fire Ring Package
+ $ 175.00
JE .240″ Wall Tool Steel Wrist Pin Upgrade; (may require heavy metal and charged per slug $75 each)
+ $ 250.00
Fel Pro #1077 MLS Head Gaskets for Superior Head Gasket Seal
+ $ 225.00
ARP Head Stud Kit Used For Plate Honing Your Block for Head Studs Used for Your Heads (from)
+ $ 375.00
Camshaft Kit Below
+ $ 775.00
Deluxe Short Block Kit With Camshaft Below
+ $1775.00
Comp Cams Drag Race Short Travel (DRST) Racing Hydraulic Roller Lifters and Cam for Complete Long Short Block
+ $ 895.00
Comp Cams HIPPO BUSHED Solid Roller Lifters for a Complete Long Short Block
+ $ 895.00

Cam Shaft Kit

  1. COMP CAMS or ERSON .700″ Pro Street Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
  2. ROLLMASTER Billet 9 Kew-way Timing Set with Torrington Roller Bearing
  3. Professionally Degree Camshaft in to the Proper Intake Valve Opening Event @ .050″ Lift

Deluxe Short Block Kit

  1. Polished Aluminum Timing Cover
  2. AwesomeEngines® Billet Timing Pointer
  3. ATI Super Damper is now Standard in Deluxe Kit
  4. Moroso Oil Pump and Proper Pick Up Tube Kit For Pan
  5. >Moroso 7 Quart Winged Drag Race Stroker Oil Pan Installed
  6. Timing Cover, Front Seal, One Piece Rubber Stroker Oil Pan Gasket
  7. Deluxe Short Block Kit Professionally Installed, Race Oil Filter and Oil Pump Primed
  8. Short Blocks Come with Blue Print and Balance Sheet, Product Info, Stickers and Contingency Information

    Free Freight Does not Apply to this Item; This short block will Ship to a Commercial Address or the UPS Terminal Closest for your Zip Code for a Pickup in the 48 States for the Actual Cost of Shipping

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