BBC 565ci 885 Hp Bracket Race Engine

BBC 565ci 885 Hp Bracket Race Engine


9.785″ Deck | 4.600″ Bore | 4.250″ Stroke | 6.535″ Rods | 885Hp @ 7000 rpm

We include; Dart inner head stud kit, K1 Crank and Steel Billet Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts, Hippo Lifters, JE or Wiseco Pro Series Pistons, .180″ Wall Wrist Pins,  .043″ Rings, 7/4 Swap Steel Billet .800″ Lift Camshaft, CC Magnum 1.7 Rockers, .135″ Wall Push, Rods , Stud Girdle, Cloyes Timing Set, ATI Super Dampener are all in this engine for LESS!


  • DART  BIG M or WORLD IV Splayed Cap 100% CNC Race Prepped Block
  • DART or DURABOND Coated Cam Bearings
  • ARP Head and DART Inner Valley Stud Kit Plate Honed with Block
  • K1 4340 4¼” Internally Balanced Steel Crank
  • K1 Steel Billet H BEAM 4340 Steel Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts
  • KING Race Series Main and Rod Bearings
  • JE-WISECO Quick 16 Gas Ported14:1 Pistons
  • JE-WISECO .180″ Wall Wrist Pins
  • TOTAL SEAL .043 Plasma Moly File to Fit Ring Set
  • COMPETITION CAMS .800 Lift 7/4 Swap Solid Roller Camshaft
  • COMPETITION CAMS HIPPO Solid Roller Lifters
  • CLOYES Billet Double Roller with Torrington Bearing and Z Chain
  • ALUMINUM Timing Cover and Billet TDC Pointer
  • ATI Super Damper Specific Honed to Fit Internally Balanced
  • DART PRO 1 1930036 345cc Cylinder Heads 399/294 @ .800″
  • DART 2.300-1.880 Stainless Steel Valves
  • PAC RACING .850″ Lift Springs and Titanium 10° Retainers
  • FEL PRO 1057 HP Head Gaskets
  • MANLEY 3/8 x .135″ Wall Severe Duty Push Rods
  • COMPETITION CAMS Pro Magnum 1.7 Rockers and Jomar Stud Girdle
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Logo Aluminum Valve Covers
  • MOROSO Complete Oil Pump Kit
  • MOROSO Stroker 7qt Kick Out Oil Pan
  • PRO-FILER Sniper Jr. 100% CNC Match Ported Intake
  • JOMAR CNC Ported 1¼” Spacer (optional)
  • HOLLEY or QFT 1150cfm Carburetor (optional)
  • MSD 84697 Dist, 8.5mm Wires and NGK Plugs (optional)
  • AwesomeEngines® T-Shirt, (free 48 freight, see race news/engine warranty)


+ $ 595.00
TOTAL SEAL SS, TNT or Hell Fire Rings
+ $ 150.00
JESEL or T&D Pro Series Split Ratio 1.8/1.7 Shaft Rockers
+ $1295.00
JESEL Belt Drive System
+ $ 895.00
MSD Billet Large Ford Cap Billet Distributor and Gear for Steel Billet Roller Cam, 8.5 mm Custom Wires
+ $ 575.00
MOROSO Complete New Vacuum Pump System Installed and Dyno Tested with Brackets, Pulleys, Pump Mounted Relief Valve, Mandrel, Belt, Hoses and Ends
+ $1075.00
MOROSO 20385 Pro Aluminum Eliminator Steel Side Kick Out Oil Pan
+ $ 275.00
HOLLEY or QFT 1150 CFM Carburetor, Jomar 1¼” CNC Heat Sink Spacer, Studs, Gaskets, #6 Fittings
+ $1495.00
MSD Crank Trigger System Dyno Tested and Tuned with Engine
+ $ 275.00
AwesomeEngines® Sheet Metal CNC Engraved Power Coated Black Valve Covers
+ $ 350.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned with 112 Fuel • Crank Trigger • Vacuum Pump • HP Corrected To Sea Level

Some Components May Be Subject To Change of Equal Value Due To Availability. Free Freight Applies To This Advertised Item Shipped To A Commercial Address Or The UPS Terminal Closest To Your Zip Code For Pickup In The 48 States. Residential, Out-Of-Area, Lift Gate Service Subject To Additional Charges. More Insurance and any Handling Fees Apply If Requested or Needed for some Reason Other than Normal Shipping.

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