BBC 632ci 1100 Hp Mad Dawg Pro Street Engine

BBC 632ci 1100Hp MAD DAWG Pro Street Crate Engine


This MAD DAWD Complete Pro Street Engine is one of the Best Street Engines with the Best Internals Available


  • Dart Raised .600 Cam Race Block
  • 54mm Cam Bearings Installed for Big Cam Core
  • ARP Pro Head and Dart Inner Valley Stud Kit Plate
  • Callies Magnum 4340 Internally Balanced 4.750″ Crank
  • Callies Comp Star 6.700″ Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts
  • King Race Series Main and Rod Bearings
  • JE or Wiseco Quick 8 Gas Ported Coated Skirt 11:1 Forged Pistons
  • JE or Wiseco.180″ Wall Tool Steel Wrist Pins
  • Total Seal TNT .043/.043/3.0 mm Light Weight Ring Set
  • Compeition Cams 54 Pro Street Solid Roller Cam
  • Cloyes Roller Timing Chain Kit with Torrington Bearing
  • Cloyes Timing Cover Kit with Roller Bearing and Billet TDC
  • Comp Cams BUSHED HIPPO .904″ Solid Roller Lifters
  • ATI SFI Approved Internally Balanced Super Damper
  • Dart 11° 100% CNC Ported Pro Stock Style Heads
  • Titanium Intake, Copper Beryllium Seats and Enconel Exhaust Valves
  • Manley or PAC Racing Springs, 10° Titanium Retainers and Locks
  • 1077 Fel Pro MLS Head Gaskets as well as all Other Race Gaskets
  • Trend Taper Wall ½” x .200″ wall Push Rods
  • Crower, Jesel or T&D Stainless Steel Shaft Rockers
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Engraved Sheet Metal Valve Covers
  • Moroso 22167 Billet Oil Pump Kit
  • Moroso Aluminum Pro Eliminator 8qt Oil Pan with Side Kick Out
  • Dart 100% CNC Match Ported then Final Fully Ported Intake
  • Jomar Special 4500 CNC Ported Spacer
  • Holley or QFT 1450 cfm Carb, #6 Fittings, Stud Kit and Gasket
  • MSD Large Cap Black Billet Dist, 8.5mm Wires and NGK Plugs
  • AwesomeEngines® T-Shirt, (free 48 freight, see race news engine warranty)

Don’t See an Option You Want, Just Give Us a Call

Dart Raised Cam or Brodix Aluminum Race Block Fully CNC Race Prepped 110lbs Lighter than iron block
+ $3995.00
Callies XL 59 lb. Light Weight 4340 No Drill Internally Balanced Crank and all the Heavy Metal Included
+ $ 995.00
Callies Steel Billet Best in the Business No Drill Internally Balanced Crank and all the Heavy Metal Included
+ $1695.00
Callies, Crower or Oliver Steel I Beam Rods with L19 Rod Bolts
+ $ 995.00
Oring Block, Install Stainless Steel Wire, CNC Receiver Groove Heads
+ $ 295.00
Roller Tip Bearing Option for the Shaft Rockers and Spring Oilers with the T&D
+ $ 395.00
JESEL Belt Drive System Installed (required block clearance included)
+ $1295.00
Tunnel Ram 100% CNC Match Ported Intake Manifold,  Holley or QFT 2nd Carb and Complete Linkage Installed
+ $1995.00
FAST or HOLLEY EFI Complete Electronic Fuel Supply System Dyno Tested and Tuned Turn Key
+ $2995.00
Power Master High Torque Made in the USA Starter, SFI 168 Tooth Internally Balanced Flex-Plate and ARP Bolt Kit
+ $ 395.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned Using Exxon 93° Pump Gas • Vacuum Pump • HP Corrected to Sea Level

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