Brodix Aluminum SBC 4.500″ Bore Spacing Engine Block


“The only way to describe the new BRODIX 8B 1200 4.500 bore spacing block is big and efficient. The standard bore size of this block is 4.185, but it may be bored to 4.250. The larger bore size increases the efficiency of this block with 500 cubic inch engines.


Some of the features available include roller cam bearings (50-55 mm), .391 raised cam, 350 or 400 mains, and your choice of .843-.937 lifter bore housings. The maximum deck height of 9.625 will allow the engine builder plenty of room for a larger stroke and rod combination.



  • Made In The U.S.A.
  • 4.500″ Bore Spacing
  • Machined for Roller Cam Bearings (50mm or 55mm)
  • Roller Cam Bearings Use Spiral Locks on all Bearings
  • Raised Cam Location (.391) With Wide Pan Rail
  • Available With or Without a Fuel Pump Boss
  • Head Studs Are Available
  • Thick Wall Sleeves Allow up to 4.280 Bore
  • Best Block in the Industry says Brodix
  • 9.000″ or 9.625″ Deck Heights
  • Proprietary A-356 Virgin Aluminum
  • 400 Main
  • Strongest Main Webbing in the Business
  • Choose From Wet of Dry Sump
  • Two Bell Housing Styles Available: Drag Race or Late Model
  • Plug Kit Is Provided With the Block
  • Available With .843, .875, or .903 Lifter Bore
  • Will Clear 4.375″ Stroke Standard
  • Will Machine for 4.500″ Stroke
  • Sleeves are Left Above the Deck on Purpose

Available Upgrades

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