Brodix Aluminum BBC 5.000″ Bore Spacing Engine Block


With the introduction of the new 8B 5000™ series aluminum block, BRODIX has taken the 5.0 bore spacing market to the next level. The 8B 5000 combines the size and durability of a 5.0 bore spacing block with the convenience and availablility of its 4.840 bore spacing counterpart. These blocks are 100% CNC machined and employ the same technology that has made BRODIX an undisputed leader in aluminum block development.



  • Made In The U.S.A. to 11.200 Deck Height 4.585 Bore
  • Proprietary A-356 Virgin Aluminum
  • Strongest Main Webbing in the Business
  • Splayed Center Main Caps
  • 1.000″ Raised Cam Location Comes Standard
  • Additional Head Bolt Lugs in Deck Area
  • Plug Kit Is Provided With the Block
  • All Big Blocks Oil Restricted From Front
  • Can Be Machined for Roller Cam Bearings
  • 1044 Steel Billet Main Caps
  • Accepts Wide Stroker Oil Pans
  • Head Studs Are Available From Brodix
  • Thick Wall Sleeves Allow up to 4.7″ Bore
  • The Most User Friendly 5″ Bore Block in the Industry

Available Options & Upgrades

Fully CNC Race Prepped to Bore Size, Deck Height, Radial Clearance, Final Plate Honed, Aline Hone Install Cam Bearings and Washed
+ $ 1095.00
Special Head Stud Required for Your Cylinder Heads Your Using (from)
+ $ 295.00
MLS Series Head Gaskets Per Application up to .051″ Thick
+ $ 195.00
CNC Blue Print Bore Center Oring Block and Install Stainless Steel Oring
+ $ 195.00
8B 5025 11.625 Deck Height 4.585 Bore 1.000″ Raised Cam Location
+ $ 355.00
Machine For Roller Cam Bearings
+ $ 225.00
½ Filled Block Upgrade
+ $ 225.00
Solid Block No Water @ All
+ $ 595.00

Any Special Required Machine Work Can Be Accommodated

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