Brodix BBC Aluminum blocks

Brodix Big Block Chevy Aluminum Engine Blocks

The new Brodix big block aluminum block is great addition to any engine compartment. The fit and finish is one of the best. A-356 virgin aluminum is used to assure maximum potential for strength and repair-ability.  1/4″ registers position the cast iron sleeves. The sleeves may be bored to 4.600. The 8B2000A block may be ordered with many different roller cam bearing sizes ranging from standard Chevrolet to 60MM. Splayed billet main caps are made of 1044 steel and are coated with black oxide.



  • 8B2000A Made In The U.S.A. 9.800-10.200″ Deck
  • Proprietary A-356 Virgin Aluminum
  • Strongest Main Webbing in the Business
  • Splayed Center Main Caps
  • Raised Cam Location Available
  • Additional Head Bolt Lugs in Deck Area
  • Plug Kit Is Provided With the Block
  • Small Bore Sleeves Available Upon Request
  • Standard Cam Location For 4¾” and Steel Rods
  • All Big Blocks Oil Restricted From Front
  • Can Be Machined for Roller Cam Bearings
  • 1044 Steel Billet Main Caps
  • Accepts Standard or Stroker Oil Pans
  • Head Studs Are Available From Brodix
  • Thick Wall Sleeves Allow up to 4.6″ Bore
  • One of the Best Blocks in the Industry
  • Sleeves are Left Above the Deck Intentionally
  • Deck Height Required to be Machined to Specifications

Available Options and Upgrades

Fully CNC Race Prepped to Bore Size, Deck Height, Radial Clearance, Final Plate Honed and Aline Bore; Cam Bearings Installed and Washed
+ $1300.00
8B2000C 9.800 to 10.700 Deck Height Raised Cam Version .903 Lifter Bore Option is Available
+ $ 150.00
8B2100C 11.100 to 11.200 Deck Height Raised .400 Cam Version .903 and Larger Lifter Bore Option is Available
+ $1700.00
8B2200C 11.500 to 11.625 Deck Height Raised .400 Cam Version .903 and Larger Lifter Bore Option is Available
+ $1800.00
8B2200C 11.200 to 11.625 Deck Height Raised .400 Cam Location .903 and Larger Lifter Bore Option is Available
+ $2000.00
Machine For Roller Cam Bearings
+ $ 250.00
½ Filled Block Upgrade
+ $ 250.00
Solid Block No Water @ All
+ $ 600.00
Block Machining Options up to 60mm Cam Bearings, Head Stud Kits, Head Gaskets are Available
+ Call

Any Special Required Machine Work Can Be Accommodated

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