Dart BBC Race Blocks

Dart BBC Race Blocks

Dart blocks feature true priority main oiling, extra thick Siamese cylinder walls and decks providing excellent ring and head gasket seal as well as blind holes protecting against any coolant leaks. We provide you with a 100% CNC 4 axis machined blueprinted race block to make your job easier with just rinse and assemble

Dart “Big M” Series, Big M Pro Series and Big M Aluminum

Big M Sportsman Ductile Std. Cap, .842 Lifter, Std Cam, 9.800″ to 10.200″ Deck w/4.250 to 4.600″ Bore
Big M Iron  Steel Billet Main Cap, .842 Lifter, 9.800 to 10.200″ Deck with 4.250 to 4.600″ Bore
Dart Big M Sportsman Blocks do not include freeze plugs, coated cam bearings, and dowel Kit #32000002
$ 119.65
Dart Big M 3126334 to 31263654 Steel Std. Cap, .842 Lifter, Std Cam, 9.800-10.200 Deck, 4.250-4.600 Bore w/320000002 Block Kit Included
64210240 Dart BBC Inside head Stud Kit (4 studs, nuts, washers, and shoes)
$ 84.95
Dart Big M Pro 31283435 to 31283675 Steel Cap .904 Lifter, +.600-2.125″ Cam, 4.500/4.600 Bore, 9.600-11.100 Deck w/Block Kit
Dart Big M Pro Blocks are Available with 4.900″ Bore Spacing for a Whopping 4.700 Bore
Dart Big M Aluminum #31274344 to 31274654 Ductile Cap,.842 Lifter, Std Cam, 9.800/10.200 Deck w/Block Kit
Dart Big M Aluminum #31264344 to 31264654 Steel Cap,.842 Lifter, Std Cam, 9.800/10.200 Deck w/Block Kit
Dart BBC Aluminum Race Series #3124345 to 31264965 Billet Cap, .842 Lifter, +.400 Cam, 9.800/10.400 Deck w/Block Kit
Fully CNC Race Ready to Assemble Blocks; CNC Bored on Blue-Print 4.840″ Centers, Plate Honed, Decked, Clearance, Coated Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs
$ 895.00
55 mm Cam Tunnels on Any block with Conventional Babbit Bearings Installed
$ 495.00
Machined for .904″ Lifter Bores
$ 250.00
Oring Block with Stainless Steel Wire
$ 250.00
Radial Clearance any 9.8 Block for 4½ Stroke or and 10.200 Block for 4¾ Stroke
$ 250.00

All Race Ready Blocks Come Ready to Assemble, Just Minor Rinse and Assemble

Free Freight Applies to Engine Shipped to a Commercial Address or Terminal Closest to Your Zip Code for Pickup 48 States

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