Dart Big M Sportsman Big Block Chevy Race Block

Dart Big M Sportsman Big Block Chevy Race Block


AwesomeEngines® offers the Dart B M Sportsman Series big block Chevrolet line of engine blocks 31273344 to 31273654. From 4.250 to 4.600 bore and 9.800 to 10.200 deck height. With Priority main oiling, from 9/16 down to 7/16, increases flow of oil to the crank at high RPM and the front oil cross over eliminates internal oil leaks around the distributor shaft. Taller +.300″ Gen VI style lifters and dual oil pan bolt patterns for standard and notched oil pans rounds out this very strong and versatile line of high performance blocks

Fully Race Prepped Includes


CNC blueprint bored • CNC blueprint square decked 90° from crank and cam bar to your required deck height • Radial clear for 4.750″ stroke and Steel Rods • Plate honed to 4.250″ or 4.600″ bore sizes • Hot wash, brass freeze plugs, cam bearings installed for ready to install your Rotator or Our Brand New One

Complete Rotator Installed

Dart 4.000 to 4.750″ 4340 Crank, internally balanced on a CWT Multi-Bal 5000 Machine to .30 oz inch ­ ­• AwesomeEngines® 6.135 to 6.700″ I or H Beam New Steel Rods • 8:1 to 15:1 Compression Cast Aluminum stock, Mahle, SRP or Pro True Forged Pistons • Moly Rings • Clevite or King Stock or Race Main and Rod Bearings • Rear Main Seal Installed



Fully Race Prepped and Ready to Assembly Option; bore to specifications, plate honed, decked to required height, deburr, cam bearings, plugs installed, hot washed
+ $ 995.00
Dart Big M Iron with Steel Billet Cap Blocks from 31263344 to 31263654
+ $ 475.00
.904″ Lifter Bore
+ $ 295.00
Dart Big M Pro Raised .600″ 54mm Cam .904″ Lifter Bore, Spread .750″ Oil pan Rails, Steel Billet Cap Block and Parts Kit #32000005
+ $ 995.00
Dart 4340 4.0 to 4.75″ Internally Balanced Steel Crank, 6.135-6.700″ H Beam Steel Rods, ARP Rod Bolts, Mahle, SRP or Pro True Forged Pistons, Rings, Race Bearings
+ $2095.00
Comp Cams Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft and Lifter Kit Below
+ $ 395.00
Hydraulic or Solid Roller Camshaft and Lifter Version
+ $ 975.00
Deluxe Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft and Lifter Complete Short Block Kit Below
+ $ 850.00
Deluxe Hydraulic or Solid Roller Camshaft and Roller Lifter Complete Short Block Kit Upgrade
+ $1595.00
Cometic or Fel Pro MLS Stainless Steel Marine or Power Adder Head Gaskets
+ $ 195.00
ARP Head Bolt Kit Used For Plate Honing the Block (from)
+ $ 150.00
Brand new Internal Flex-plate and Damper for 454 t0 632ci
+ $ 150.00
SFI Rated Brand new Internal Flex-plate and Damper for the Same
+ $ 295.00
Radial Clear for 4.75″ Crank and Steel Rods
+ $ 275.00

Cam Shaft Kit

  1. Comp Cams Up To .550″ Lift Hydraulic FT Camshaft (roller ava)
  2. Heavy Duty True Double Roller Timing Set
  3. Camshaft Fastener Kit Buttoned Up
  4. 16-Hyd Flat Tappet Lifters
  5. Degree Camshaft

Deluxe Short Block Kit

  1. Above Hydraulic FT Cam Shaft Kit Installed Properly (roller ava)
  2. Solid Polished Aluminum Timing Cover Kit Installed
  3. AwesomeEngines® TDC Adjustable Timing Pointer
  4. New Internally Balanced Damper TDC Verified
  5. Melling Oil Pump Kit and Proper Pick Up
  6. Moroso 7 Quart Oil Pan Installed
  7. One Piece Oil Pan Gasket

Internally Balanced Short Blocks Come with Blue Print, Balance Sheet, Product Information, Stickers and Contingency Information

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