Dart Honda B Series Race Blocks

Dart Honda B Series Race Blocks

Dart has the Honda block in two versions that replace the weak B18/B20 castings. B18 w/81.5mm or 84.5 mm bore size. The B20 castings, Dart has the 226mm tall deck height w/81.5 or 84.5mm bore. Both have replaceable ductile sleeves and are built to withstand the extreme cylinder pressures from turbos and nitrous oxide without the normal cylinder wall and head gasket problems.

1. Increased wall thickness in all critical areas and beefed up bottom ends with the steel main bearing caps make this block a must for any racing application.

2. Dart blocks are also compatible with production Honda cylinder heads, internal components and accessories.

3. We have heard of some companies saying they can install the ____ sleeve kit, deck support plate, a main block girdle kit, which does little to nothing, adds a ton of money to the old weak stock block, you got a turd polished up, not even close to a Dart Block, you have spent $2500.00 on a stock weak block and you wind up with a cost more than a brand new race block from Dart w/us.  Call them up and order the stock block race kit with these 3 items that they say will put you where you need to be for your application!

With a sleeve kit, deck support kit and a band aid block girdle, you will also need the following components; (6) main bolts for the center three main caps (1) new oil pan (1) new windage tray (1) new oil pump pick-up tube assembly which makes the cost of this addition that does nothing to a staggering amount of spending money on the old weak block. It literally does nothing even close to a real Dart Race Block. Think twice before laying down $2500-3000.00 for a stock block repair?

4. Dart has beefed the entire casting by using C355-T-1 virgin aluminum which provides maximum strength and durability as well as added over 7lbs of material.Darts blocks weigh in @ 67lbs that is almost 10 lbs over the stock block.

5. The closed deck design just takes the Dart block to a whole different level with head gasket sealing and rigid deck surface.

6. The main webs with the steel main caps all keeps the bottom end in place and minimizes bearing bore distortion.

7. Dart blocks have extra large water jackets to enhance coolant circulation around the cylinder barrels to keep the engine cooler during massive amounts of boost or nitrous is on. This is something the stock blocks just can not do.

8. The Honda factory never even thought of the little engines making no where near 400hp let alone 1000hp.

9. So the next time you read or someone tells you stock blocks are better because we can machine them, just remember, a turd is a turd no matter how much money you spend polishing it!

10. Most people claiming that do not have cnc equipment to machine the block properly. Most are still using old boring bars and Bridge Ports to deck their blocks. Most times as you all have heard and seen, their stuff just continues to blow up and not run. We have the newest latest CNC head and block machining center in the world to do all the sleeve kits, deck plate kits and do them right and will do them for you, but, its still a turd waiting to blow up and structurally, the stock block was never intended to handle the power! Buy a real Dart! If your talking about even making more than 500hp, then think DART!

Dart Honda B-Series Race Blocks

            Part #   Des    Cap  Main  Deck    Bore      Price                                                        Part #   Des    Cap  Main  Deck       Bore       Price

  • 31496701  B18   Steel   STD  211.5mm  81.5mm $2599.00
  • 31496801  B18   Steel   STD  211.5mm  84.5mm $2599.00
  • 31496702  B20   Steel  STD  226mm  81.5mm $2599.00
  • 31496802  B20   Steel  STD  226mm  84.5mm $2599.00


Fully Race Prepped Ready to Assemble
+ $295.00
Square Deck Block to Your Dimensions
+ 125.00
Oring Block Cylinders w/Stainless Steel Wire
+ $125.00
ARP Head Stud Kit Used for Honing the Block and Your Heads
+ call for price
Freight Charges Apply to Engine Block Shipped to a Commercial Address or Terminal Closest to Your Zip Code for Pickup 48 States

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