Dart Pro 1 2 BBC Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Dart Pro1 2 BBC Aluminum Cylinder Heads

 (from) $2495.00

Dart Pro1 24° 275cc Oval Port $2495.00 is good for street performance, mild bracket racing and marine under 500ci and 6800 rpm. Excellent mid-range torque and power, good for heavier vehicles with a new high velocity oval port design makes this head an ideal choice for street cars and trucks. The PRO1 series race proven features include rolled valve angles, improved spark plug location, extra long intake valves, raised exhaust ports, and fast burn chambers.

Dart Pro1 24° 310-325-345cc Square Port Heads $2495.00 are good for maximum street, marine performance, bracket racing, heads up and super classes up to 7,000 rpm and 540+ cubic inches per head used. The PRO1 24° 310cc head is best for up to 500ci under 7000 rpm, 325cc  is best for up to 525ci and 7000 rpm as well, the 345cc head is best for 540ci and 7000 rpm.

Dart Pro1 24° 335-355-365cc Fully CNC Ported Heads are good for Maximum performance, bracket racing, heads up and super classes up to 7,500 rpm, 500+ cubic inches, great head for maximum effort comp or bracket cars. Dart PRO1 24° 335/355/365cc CNC heads are professional quality competition cylinder heads. We applied the airflow technology developed in our championship winning Pro Stock engine program to produce these state of the art heads.

Dart Pro2 24° 380cc Fully CNC Ported Heads are for Maximum performance, bracket racing, heads up and super classes. Over 7,500 RPM, 500+ cubic inches, a great head for maximum effort comp or bracket cars. Dart’s PRO2 24° 380cc CNC heads have been revised with larger 2.350” intake valves and a revised port design for improved airflow and a substantial horsepower increase!

Dart Pro1 24° 525 MMR Marine Cylinder Heads  we designed for Mercury Racing 525 replacement style heads. Three intake runner sizes offer potential for increased levels of performance. We’ve retooled Dart’s PRO1 BBC castings to produce a true bolt on upgrade for the Mercury Racing 525 engine. The PRO1 24° 525 MMR is available with 310cc, 325cc or 345cc intake runners and has the correct exhaust bolt pattern for the factory manifolds. A grey chromate surface treatment inhibits salt corrosion for marine usage.

Dart Pro1 20° 440cc Cylinder Heads  are for maximum competition, high torque, high compression – low dome. 8000 + rpm, 500+ cubic inches. Dart developed the first successful aftermarket Aluminum heads for big blocks, and we’ve continued to improve and refine our revolutionary designs through our research and development. We now offer the latest of our advancements in the PRO1 20° 440cc Aluminum cylinder heads. These help to bridge the gap between conventional heads and Dart’s Big Chief heads.

Dart Pro1 20° 451cc CNC Cylinder Heads  just offer maximum competition, high torque, high compression – low dome. 8000 + rpm, 565+ cubic inches. There is one thing that makes power in an engine, that is air and fuel end of discussion. The more in the more out.

Go to Tech Sheet to See Upgrades; Heads are sold in SETS (2): unless singles are needed



  • Dart Multi Angle 45° Intake Radius Valve Job
  • Utilizes Existing BBC Intake Manifolds
  • Standard BBC Header Pattern but Raised .300″ Higher
  • Standard BBC Rocker Arms
  • Accessory Bolt Holes In Stock Location
  • Machined to 121cc Combustion Chambers
  • Dart Flat Tappet Hydraulic Roller or Solid Roller Valve Springs
  • Dart 10° Degree Chrome Moly Steel Retainers and Locks
  • Hardened Spring Seats or Washers
  • Dart 7/16″ Rocker Studs and Dart Adjustable 3/8″ Guide Plates

Available Upgrades

1.625 Solid Double Valve Springs and Retainer Upgrade for .850 Lift
+ $175.00
1.650 Solid Triple Valve Springs and Retainer upgrade for .900 Lift
+ $275.00
Titanium Retainers installed with any other Spring Package
+ 195.00
MMR Heads with Chromate Upgrade; Any other Dart Heads Chromate Coated will be the same Upgrade Cost
+ $495.00
CNC Combustion Chambers for all Pro1 275-310-325 and 345 As Cast Heads
+ $395.00
Dart Pro2 380cc Fully CNC Ported Heads with 2.350/1.850 Valves and Triple Springs
+ $1395.00
Dart Pro 1 20° 440cc Cylinder Heads
+ $1395.00
Dart Pro 1 20° 451cc CNC Ported Cylinder Heads
+ $2995.00
ARP Specific Fit Head Bolt Set Kit with the 8 Extra Long Bolts for the Dart Head
+ $ 140.00
ARP Specific Fit Pro Series Head Stud Kit with Hex Fasteners and Washers
+ $ 240.00
Comp Cams Pro Magnum 1.7-1.8 Chrome Moly Roller Rockers
+ $375.00
Harland Sharp Aluminum Roller Rockers 1.7-1.8 Roller Rockers
+ $375..00
Fel Pro MLS Marine or Severe Duty Head Gaskets (up to .041″ 4.630)
+ $ 190.00
Dart Stud Girdle Kit for All Applications
+ $ 295.00
Jesel or T&D Sportsman Shaft Rockers
+ $1295.00
Jesel or T&D Pro Series Shaft Rocker System
+ $1695.00

All Completed Heads Come with Specific Build Sheet, all Part numbers, Spring Rates and Installed Height Settings

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