Dart SHP SBC Cylinder Heads

Dart SHP SBC Cylinder Heads


Dart SHP SBC Cylinder Heads are for street performance, mild bracket racing and marine applications under 6,800 RPM and under 500 cubic inches. Excellent mid-range torque and power, good for heavier vehicles with higher gear ratios and low stall torque converters. These heads make a tremendous amount of torque where it is needed.

 SHP 180cc/64cc 127122 SBC Cylinder Heads:Excellent street, strip, oval track, truck or marine performance upgrade. Maximum torque and throttle response from idle to 6,000 RPM. Best for 327-400 cubic inch engines. Works with most standard components.

SHP 200cc/64cc 127322 SBC Cylinder Heads: Street performance, restricted oval track, and marine performance upgrade. Mid-range to 6,500 RPM. Best for 383-434 cubic inch engines.

SHP 220cc /64cc 127525 SBC Cylinder Heads: Serious street performance, modified oval track and bracket racing. Mid-range to 7,000 RPM. Best for 400+ cubic inch engines.

Heads are sold in SETS (2): unless singles are needed



  • Machined to 64 or 72cc Combustion Chambers Straight Plug
  • Dart 180cc 2.02 /1.6 Intake and Exhaust Stainless Steel Valves
  • Dart 200cc 2.02 /1.6 Intake and Exhaust Stainless Steel Valves
  • Dart 220cc 2.0/2.08 /1.6 Intake and Exhaust Stainless Steel Valves
  • Hardened Spring Seats or Washers
  • Uses 3/8 or 7/16″ Rocker Studs and Dart 27001410 Adjustable Guide Plates
  • Professionally Assembled, Packaged and Sealed

Available Upgrades

Dart 127525 220cc SBC Head Package 2.08/1.60
+ $ 62.11
27001410 Dart Adjustable 5/16″ Guide Plates
+ $ 59.00
27002101 3/8 Rocker Studs
+ $ 33.00
27002102 7/16 Rocker Studs
+ $ 39.00
Comp Cams Pro Magnum Light Weight Roller Rockers in a 1.5 or 1.6 Ratio Available
+ $ 329.00
Fel Pro MLS Head Gaskets (up to 4.155 bore size and .041″ thickness, other sizes available)
+ $ 175.00
Dart 66220011 Specific Fit Head Bolt Set
+ $ 125.00
Dart 66120011 for Iron Block Specific Fit Pro Series Head Stud Kit
+ $ 211.00

All Completed Heads Come with Specific Build Sheet, all Part numbers, Spring Rates and Installed Height Settings

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