Ford FE 390 431-462ci Stroker Street Rotators

Ford FE 390 431 462ci Stroker Street Rotators


Scat Internally Balanced 4.125 or 4.250 Cast Steel Crankshaft •

6.7 I-Beam Full Floating Bushed Rods with 7/16″ Rod Bolts •

JE Wiseco Dish or Flat Forged Racing Pistons and Pins •

JE Wiseco Plasma Moly Rings •

King Bearings •


This is a Complete Ready to Install Internally Balanced Rotator that comes with Rings, Bearings, Crank, Rods, Forged Pistons, Pins, Ring Supports if Required, Locks, Balance Sheet, Stickers, Contingency and all Product Information. No one will know how big it really is!

Please Know Head CC for Desired Compression Choice

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