Facility History


Bill Cannon started building race engines in 1975 with Pontiac Chevy and then Fords. When he was in high school, family and friends were his constant customers. Along with repairing Muncie 4 speeds and everything else they could break, it soon became clear to him he could make a living at this. So, he started his own automotive repair business in 1984. After six quick years and doing many engine builds and rebuilds, Bill ran out of room. In 1989, Bill and his wife Becky purchased the property now that supports Bill Cannon’s Garage Inc. and AwesomeEngines®.

State of Art Facility

With the best equipped and largest independent state of art 15,000 sq.ft. facility in Delaware including the complete machine shop, Bill keeps producing most types of race engines. Starting with championship caliber stock car engines and championships were won, then in NHRA and IHRA drag racing, Tractor pulling, Mud and Sand drags, Bill has made a mark in most areas with his engine building skills. It should be noted that Bill purchased the very first MARVIN MILLER 75 HP nitrous plate that began his 65 GTO street racing terror and his particular preference for Nitrous assisted engines. Blown alky being second. He still owns his Favorite, the 1965 GTO he purchased when he was 15.


Finally, we are where we are today, just doing the same thing every day. With the increase and demand of new equipment and larger more powerful engines, AwesomeEngines® has maintained and secured its very competitive position in the race engine scene. With the addition to the business in 2010 of the new CENTROID 4 axis block and head machining center, the engine work and precision just got better. Bill has never been afraid of buying equipment to make work easier. Always being years ahead of local and even the countries ability to do it right. We have taken possession of another brand new CENTROID 2013 B4250 model machine to speed up and maintain our high quality standards.

Install Facility

AwesomeEngines® has a complete install facility that can make most dreams, wants and needs come true. They will install your engines in your race car, hi-performance street car, truck, boat and can even totally restore your muscle car back to new specifications. So if you need any type of repair work, they can even take care of pretty much anything you can think of and warranty it.