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2017; AwesomeEngines® has upgraded every area of the Racing Engine Business to better supply you with a perfect engine every time. Bill Cannon supervises personally every engine from beginning to end. Their just is no room for error at all.


APRIL 16, 2013 Brand New 2013 B4250 4 Axis CNC Machine is here. If you are still working with old school boring bars and block resurfacing machines where there is install, tear down, go to another machine, then another is just outdated. If you do not have a quality 4 axis CNC machine like the Centroid B450 to do all the block machining without taking it out of the machine, its time to get one to do it right or be left behind with old school machining practices where you just go off of what is there now. Which more than likely is wrong before you start.


Centroid B-4250 4-Axis Block & Head Machine • Sunnen CV616 Honing Center • Sunnen CH100 Align Hone Center • Sunnen Complete Head Center • Sunnen Electric Hydraulic Press System • CWT MultiBal 5000 Crank Balancer • Peterson Hot Wash Center • Peterson Head and Block Boiling Center • BridgePort Head and Block Center • 2 Lathes • Stuska Fully Automatic Latest Soft Wear Dyno Center • Crack detection center • ABS Porting Center • (2) Ingersoll Rand Air Lifting Trolley Systems • Snap On Bead Blast System • Snap On Loaded Tool  Boxes for every Techs Personal use • Multiple Digital Snap on Calibrated in House Torque Wrenches along with a host of tig, mig, and every other shop tool that rounds out our extensively supported machine shop • Crank grinding is the only labor subbed out for repair of crankshaft grinding