Hard Core Engine Parts

Crank Shafts and Connecting Rods


We will match or beat pricing  on K1 Cranks and rods including Boosted rods

We will match or beat pricing on Crower Cranks, Rods, any Crower parts

We  will match or beat pricing on Oliver Rods


Crank Shafts


Callies; We stock Callies Crank Shafts and Rods


Crower ; We stock  Crower Crank Shafts


 BBC 95136 4375-275-2200-6535-4340
  BBC 95140 4750-275-2200-6600-4340


Eagle  –  K1  –  Manley  –  Scat


We carry and sell each of these manufactures parts and can drop ship anywhere. From stock to race applications, most of it is on the shelf. Please give us a call if you need any of these products for your custom quote.