Phillip Truitt Back with AwesomeEngines®

05-14-2017: Phillip Truitt Back with AwesomeEngines®

     After having a motorcycle incident and a case of cancer that caused Bill Cannon to have to take 2 years off to heal, Bill is back and back as good as ever. AwesomeEngines is back up to speed now after being very slow because of 2 mishaps that were unseen, Bill is fine now and up to speed.


     With the move by Joey Gladstone from AwesomeEngines®; CNC machinist to NHRA Pro Stock Bike, Bill decided to take the reins of AwesomeEngines back into his hands again.


     Moving right back to the full duty of doing all the CNC work himself, because he knows perfection is best, Bill has decided to just concentrate on his engines 100%.


  1. With the CNC block machining center,Bill can fully race prep any block he wants to perfection in 2 hours.

  2. That includes probing the block to make sure its a perfect candidate to build,

  3. Decking the block to perfect 45° bank angles from the cam and crank center line

  4. Boring perfect 45° bank angles and bore centers on blueprint centers

  5. Lifter bore sizes performed to oversize specifications

  6. Radial clearing the block for strokes up to 6.0″, yes 6.0″

  7. Putting his name and serial number on every block perfectly

  8.  Final plate honing to required sizes is done by Bill on his Sunnen CV616 to perfection as always

  9. Install cam bearings and brass or stainless steel freeze plugs

  10. Hot wash and ready for assembly

     Bill also contacted Phillip Truitt about his need for an engine. Phillip had purchased the AwesomeEngines® Top Dragster last year early as Phillip got ready to make a family as well as get back into championship drag racing. So with the addition to Phillip Truitt as well as his brother and his father, they are looking for a good 2017 racing year. Bill will have a pilot for his car this year as well as he feels younger blood is better for cars running faster than dragsters. With two Truitt drag racing experts he can choose from, the car will be very fast as well.


     So, 2017 is looking very good for AwesomeEngines®, as Bill is now 9 months out of treatment with 100% cancer free so he can now concentrate on engines with perfection as his main concern.


     Bill wants to say thank you to all his customers who have been patient with him over these last two years while he recovered. He is good

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