Pontiac 326-455ci Reconditioned Blocks

Pontiac 326-455ci Reconditioned Blocks


AwesomeEngines® offers Pontiac 326 to 455ci Reconditioned Blocks for any year make and model. We will find it, fix it better than new and ship it to you. The block is treated to a total reconditioning in over size bores from slightly over standard to .060 over. The deck heights are always corrected to near perfect and square heights. Align honing of the main saddles is done if needed as well as a radial clearance for large strokes if needed. New Cam bearings and brass freeze plugs are installed as well as near perfect final honed bore sizes of choice. These like new blocks offer you an affordable option for any time your block is not repairable.

Fully Race Prepped Includes

1. We do a light align hone to middle of the road specifications; will install ARP main studs if requested.

2. We square deck blocks to perfect equal deck heights, chamfer all tops of bolt holes and will do a special height request if required.

3. We plate honed dead on 45° .0003 max taper for your requested final bore.

4. We radial clear block for a stroker crank and steel rod clearance, see upgrades for larger strokes.

5. We radial clear block for a 4.75″ crank and steel rod clearance, see upgrades for larger strokes.

6. We will cnc any lifter bore size you may require, see upgrades for sizes.

8. We install an AwesomeEngines® logo and serial number every block.

9. We hot wash block to remove all machining debris from surfaces and galleys.

10. We brush all oil passages and install pipe plugs.

11. We use sealer then install all brass freeze plugs.

12. We install new cam bearings, dial bore gauge for size and check fit with a camshaft.

13. We will do a block fill with Moroso block filler to the bottom level of the water pump holes if requested, see upgrades.

14. We lube block, seal in block bag and box the block for shipping

Complete Rotator Installed $2495.00

AwesomeEngines® Eagle or Scat up to 4.5″ Steel Crank of Choice • Internally balanced on a CWT Multi-Bal 5000 Machine to .20 oz ­ ­• AwesomeEngines® Eagle or Scat Steel Rods with ARP8740 7/16 Bolts • 10:1 to 15:1; (pick your choice of compression),JE-SRP or Wiseco Pro True Forged Pistons • Moly Rings • Clevite or King Race H Series Main Rod and Cam Bearings • One Piece Rear Main Seal Installed



Machine Block for .875″ or .904″ Lifter bore
+ $250.00
Max Largest Bore Option
+ $ 125.00
Install Center 4 Bolt Main Caps and Align Bore
+ $ 995.00
Moroso Block Fill Both Sides of Block. This will allow a much better ring seal and less cylinder wall distortion with larger bore sizes
+ $ 175.00
Radial Clear Block for Up to 4.75″ Stroke with Steel Rods
+ $ 250.00
Install up to 4.5″ Internally Balanced Steel Crank, H Beam Steel Rods, JE or Wiseco Forged Pistons, Rings, H Bearings
+ $ 2495.00
Install 4.75″ Internally Balanced Steel Crank, H Beam Steel Rods, JE or Wiseco Forged Pistons, Rings H Bearings
+ $2995.00
Camshaft Kit; Comp Cams Hydraulic or Solid Roller Camshaft, Rollmaster Torrington Bearing Timing Set, Degree Camshaft
+ $ 895.00
Deluxe Short Block Camshaft Kit with Comp Cams HIPPO Roller Lifters, Timing Cover, Pointer, Gaskets, ATI Super Dampener Specific Honed to Fit
+ $1995.00
Cometic or Fel Pro MLS Stainless Steel Hi Performance or Marine Head Gaskets
+ $ 175.00
Head Bolt Kit Used For Plate Honing the Block
+ $ 75.00
12 Point ARP Head Stud Kit for the Heads your Using
+ $ 175.00
Brand new Internal Damper and Flex-plate
+ $ 195.00
SFI ATI Super Dampener Specific Fit Honed to Your Crank, and a Brand new Internal SFI Approved Flex-plate and ARP Bolt Kit
+ $ 575.00

Cam Shaft Kit

  1. Comp Cams Hydraulic or Solid Roller Camshaft Kit Installed (your choice!)
  2. Rollmaster Billet Timing Set with a Torrington Bearing or Bushing
  3. Camshaft Roller Cam Button and Fastener Kit Installed
  4. Degree Camshaft (you must set end play)

Deluxe Short Block Kit

  1. Hydraulic or Solid Roller Cam Shaft and Lifter Kit Installed Properly (or your choice!)
  2. Rollmaster Billet Timing Set with Torrington Bearing or Bushing Roller Button Set
  3. Polished Aluminum Timing Cover Kit, Gaskets and Fasteners Installed
  4. AwesomeEngines® TDC Adjustable Billet Timing Pointer
  5. ATI SFI Int/Ext Super Damper Specific Honed

Internally Balanced Short Blocks Come with Blue Print, Balance Sheet, Product Information, Stickers and Contingency Information

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