Pontiac 400 428 455ci Street Crate Engines

Pontiac 400 428 455ci Street Crate Engines

Bill Cannon, the owner started racing with his very first car, a 1965 GTO 428 4 Speed in 1975. It has since been upgraded by ARC Race Cars in New Oxford PA with a chrome moly roll cage, chrome Strange Strut Front end, double frame rail and 9″ rear, NHRA certified to 7.50 to run as fast as I want to safely.

Years of building Pontiac engines, we found that horsepower and torque work very well under 5000 rpm. These engines have smaller bores, smaller cylinder heads, much better valve angles, long rods for perfect low end power. These street engines do not require rpm over 5000 rpm and live a long time not going there, unless for drag racing.

My 65 GTO had a 428 ci 4 speed Muncie, a 10 bolt that did not last long so I found a 331 12 bolt posi rear from a 66 Chevelle that fixed the old BOP axle. I found less gear made my car never quit pulling all the way to the ¼ mile. Torque moves cars easily and quicker than horsepower with way less gear or converter. If matched up correctly, rpm is just not needed for fun street or heavier cars.

People I raced against on the street I hardly ever lost. Two, I can remember were John Bowman’s 1972-3-4 455 ci 4 speed Trans Am and a SBC Vega. Both were a very close race and I was just young and did not know everything I do now. When most 4 speed cars I raced looked over and saw me there or way ahead usually choked and would just give up or make the mistake of missing 2nd or 3rd gear and then it was over as well.

Later I installed a Marvin Miller 75hp NOS plate system and for years just ran off from everyone. Starting my NOS career at the age of 19, I am now 60 and have never stopped using it. I have found out how not to burn my stuff down and having just as much power as most. Nitrous does not burn an engine down, not knowing what to do with it does!

Moving forward 25 years.

Purchasing a 4 axis CNC machining Center in 2005 produced perfection in our abilities to do engines correctly and accurately. Another Centroid 4 Axis B4250 block machining center in 2010 as well as another in 2014, allows us to be as good as any and better than most when building a Pontiac or any other make of engines. 40 years of Pontiac work qualifies us as one of the best places to purchase your re-manufactured or new Pontiac street or strip engine.

A stock 3.0″ or 3.25″ main bore block starts with a general check over for any signs of cracks or damage that would disqualify the block, all threads are chased, then it gets to be boiled for 8 hours to remove all debris from all surfaces then a hot soap and water pressure wash for 30 minutes.

After a second qualification of the clean block, it is loaded in our Centroid 4 Axis CNC block machining center. The block is CNC probed on and in every area of the block to be reconditioned to near perfect blue print specifications of  bores, deck heights, lifter bore sizes and a radial clearance if getting a larger stroke crank.

The Kaiser boring tool is switch out by the 24 CNC tool changer, the block is rotated to perfect +45° and -45° bank angles over the cam and crank center line being dead on 0°. It is CNC bored on perfect 4.620″ bore centers to .020-.030-.040 or .060 overbore which ever is the smallest to preserve integrity of the block and keep as much metal for cooling and power increase.

The Kaiser boring head is changed to the CBN 12″ resurfacing tool and we deck the block to perfect 45° bank angles and the block never leaves the machine. It is resurfaced to a superior surface to insure no gasket sealing problems ever.

If any lifter bore is worn the machine changes the tool and takes care of it with a bronze sleeve or, bore all out for a perfect lifter center line .875″ or .903″  lifter  with correct angles, position for perfect wear.

The block is then rotated 180° and the tool is changed out to do a radial clearance program to clear the block for a stroke up to 4.75″ to increase the cubic inch. The tool lastly  change and we put our AwesomeEngines® Logo and serial # in the block to insure that I have done my job correctly, you can identify your block as yours if someone misplaced it in their garage instead of yours?

The block is removed then honed to final specifications in the CV616 and hot washed again.

The crank shaft is treated to a full inspection and ground to the proper under size surface finish if not perfect.

We recondition most connecting rods with ARP bolts to perfect specifications.

We internally balance the complete assembly to .5 grams OZ-INCH.

Pontiac steel heads are completely reconditioned with upgraded new valve guides, hardened seats, 3° angle valve job, valve springs, retainers, locks, seals, all set up for your camshaft choice after we resurface the heads.

Cam bearings, brass freeze plugs are installed, assembled, primed,spark plugs, fully dyno tested and tuned to make sure all components are broken in correctly and all engines vitals are perfect. If we do not dyno it we do not sell it. Why would we?

Who can control all aspects of the engine? You get a near perfect engine broken in properly with the right oil, filter, tuning, dyno sheet of every aspect of the engines performance as well, temperatures, oil pressure and power up to 5000 rpm recorded. 

Why would I give anyone else the most important step of any engines critical procedure of proper break in a chance of missing something, damaging the engine, does not have a dyno and then blame it on me? I don’t. We control and inspect every aspect of our engines. We never leave this to the purchaser to do our job.



  • Pontiac 100% 4 Axis CNC Race Prepped to Perfection Block
  • Brass Freeze Plug Kit
  • Reconditioned Undersized to .010/.010″, Most Time Crank
  • Pontiac Rods Reconditioned to Perfect Specifications
  • Clevite or KING Cam, Main and Rod Bearings Installed
  • OEM Replacement Pistons for Proper Pump Gas Usage
  • Hastings or Speed Pro Rings
  • OEM Replacement Camshaft (others available, see options)
  • OEM Replacement Hydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters
  • Replacement 3 Piece Timing Kit
  • Reconditioned or New Pontiac Aluminum Timing Cover
  • Water Pump Inside Plate, Seals and New Stock Water Pump
  • New Damper (we never reuse the old damper)

  • Pontiac Cylinder Heads Completely Rebuilt to New Specifications
  • New Intake and Exhaust OEM Replacement Valves
  • New Replacement Seals, Springs, Locks and Retainers
  • Performance Complete Engine Gasket Kit (2 piece Viton rear seal)
  • New Stock Replacement Push Rods
  • ELGIN Replacement Rocker Arm Kits
  • MELLING M54DS Oil Pump and Proper Pickup Tube
  • Pontiac New Oil Pan if Original Pan can not be Used
  • Chrome Stock Valve Covers with Baffles
  • Edelbrock Performer Intake Manifolds are Available in Options
  • Edelbrock or Holley Carburetors are Available in Options
  • HEI or MSD Ready to Run Ignition Kits are Available in Options
  • Actual Shipping Charges to Your Zip Code for Pick Up

Available Options

428/455 ci 3.250″ Main Engine Blocks are Available
+ $ 775.00
MR1 Iron Block with Steel Billet Splayed 4 Bolt Main Caps 100% CNC Race Prepped Block (Absolute Best Choice of Options Available!)
+ $2475.00
EAGLE or SCAT 9000 4.250″ Stroker Crank, I Beam Rods, Keith Black 10:1 Compression Pistons
+ $ 875.00
CARRILLO, JE, MAHLE, Speed Pro or WISECO Forged Stock or Stroker Pistons (from)
+ $ 375.00
EAGLE or SCAT 4.250″ Internally Balanced 4340 Steel Crank, I Beam Rods and Forged Pistons
+ $1275.00
COMPETITION CAMS or ERSON Pro Street Sweet Sounding Camshaft
+ $ 145.00
COMPETITION CAMS or ERSON Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, Lifters, Rockers, Springs, Retainers and Push Rod Package (another very good option)
+ $ 975.00
COMPETITION CAMS Roller Tip Rockers for Stock Valve Covers
+ $ 275.00
JESEL or T&D Shaft Rocker System
+ $1275.00
EDELBROCK Performer or Performer RPM Intake Manifold
+ $ 345.00
EDELBROCK, HOLLEY or QFT Series Carburetors with Electric Choke are Available (from)
+ $ 495.00
EDELBROCK RPM 61525 204cc/87cc Aluminum Cylinder Heads Done In House with Our Valve Job
+ $2475.00
Street Heat Complete Ignition System with HEI Distributor, Wires and NGK Spark Plugs
+ $ 375.00
MSD Pro Billet Ready to Run Distributor, Coil, Wires and NGK Plugs
+ $ 675.00
ATI SFI Super Damper Specific Honed to Crank 
+ $475.00
PRW Steel Billet Flywheel Internally Balanced are Available for Manual Transmission Vehicles
+ $ 295.00
SOME Stock Intake, Exhaust Manifolds, OEM Carbs, OEM Point and HEI Distributors, Valve Covers are Available, We have to Check
+ Call

Dyno Tested & Tuned with 93° Exxon • Crank Trigger • Vacuum Pump • HP Corrected To Sea Level

Free Freight Does Not Apply to Engine Shipped to a Commercial Address or Terminal Closest to Your Zip Code for Pickup 48 States

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