Pontiac 461 468ci Stroker Street Rotators

Pontiac 461 468ci Stroker Street Rotators


Eagle or Scat 4.250″ Cast Steel Internally Balanced Crankshaft

Eagle 6.800″ I-Beam Full Floating Rods 7/16″ ARP 840 Bolt

4.155/185″ Mahle JE Wiseco Flat Top Forged Pistons

Mahle JE Wiseco Plasma Moly Rings

Clevite or King Bearings


We offer all upgraded crankshafts up to 4.5″ stroke, connecting rods; Callies, Crower, Eagle, K1, Manley, PBM, LPC, Oliver Scat I or H beam with ARP-8740/2000 or L19 bolts, KB, Mahle, JE, Wiseco 4032 to 2618 forged pistons in any dish, flat top or dome compression height you could ever use, Plasma Moly, Hell Fire, TNT, Stainless Steel or Tool Steel rings, Clevite / King Racing Bearings Standard

Please know head CC for desired compression ratio, other pistons are available to meet your needs

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