Pontiac 468ci Stroker Street Rotators

Pontiac 468ci Stroker Street Rotators


Eagle or Scat 4.250 Cast Steel Internally Balanced Crankshaft •

Eagle 6.8″ I-Beam Full Floating Rods 7/16″ ARP Bolt Rods •

Mahle JE Wiseco Flat Top Forged Pistons •

Mahle JE Wiseco Plasma Moly Rings •

Clevite or King Bearings •


This is a Complete Ready to Assemble Internally Balanced Rotator that comes with Rings, Bearings, Crank, Rods, Forged Pistons, Pins, Locks, Balance Sheet, Stickers, Contingency and all Product Information. This is a true bolt in rotator for any Pontiac using a 400 damper and flex-plate, No one will know how big it really is!

Please know head CC for desired compression ratio, other pistons are available to meet your needs

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