SBC 400ci 1300 Hp Blown Race Engine

SBC 400ci 1300HP Blown Race Engine

This SBC Injected and Blown engine is a Pro Magnum on steroids with a mild tune up and plenty left. Lower compression for up to 50 psi of boost making well over 1500+hp, still makes this a Great engine for any type of racing.


9.000″ Deck | 4.125″ Bore | 3.750″ Stroke | 1300+Hp @ 7000 rpm with 30 psi


See Actual Engine Being Dyno Tested

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  • Dart Iron Eagle Raised .391 BBC Cam Block 100% CNC Race Prepped
  • O-ring Block Install .041″ Stainless Steel Wire
  • ARP Head Stud Kit Plate Honed with Block
  • Callies Magnum 4340 Double Key Way Crank
  • Oliver I-Beam Steel Rods or GRP Billet Aluminum Pro Mod Rods
  • King Race Series Coated Cam, Main and Rod Bearings
  • JE or Wiseco Custom Blower Pistons
  • Precision Products Tool Steel .220″ Wall Pins
  • Total Seal Stainless Steel Ring Package
  • Comp Cams .750″ BBC Cam Core Blower Roller Camshaft
  • Comp Cams HIPPO .904″ Extreme Duty Roller Lifters
  • Milodon Gear Drive Gear Drive and Mechanical Front Mounted Pump
  • Blower Hub  with Impregnated Crank Trigger
  • Brodix STS 245cc 100% CNC Ported Heads
  • AFR SS 2.125 Intake and Enconel Exhaust Valves
  • PAC RACING Roller Springs and Titanium Retainers
  • Trend 7/16 x .165″ Taper Wall Push Rods
  • Jesel or T&D Shaft Rocker System Installed
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Engraved Powder Coated Valve Covers
  • Moroso 22171 Billet Oil Pump
  • Moroso Steel Pro Eliminator Oil Pan
  • BDS Competition Polished Intake
  • BDS or Mert Littlefield 8:71 Polished Blower Set Up
  • Enderle Complete Bug Catcher Injection Set Up
  • MSD Billet Distributor, 8.5 mm Wires and Pick Up
  • AwesomeEngines® T-Shirt, (free 48 freight, see race news/engine warranty)

Available Upgrades

Brodix or Dart Aluminum .904 Lifter, 55mm Cam Bearings and Special Head Stud Kit
+ $3975.00
Front Mounted blower Support System
+ $975.00
Moroso Pro Eliminator Aluminum Kick Out Oil Pan, Windage Tray
+ $375.00
Moroso Complete Vacuum Pump system Installed
+ $1075.00
871 High Helix Super Charger and 150+Hp
Brodix 15° 100% CNC Ported Heads, Special Manifold 175+Hp More
+ $2975.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned • HP corrected to Sea Level

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