Complete Engine Freshen Up, Dyno Tested and Shipped Back to You $2895.00

We also can take your tired old worn out or just never run like it should engine and make it run like you need it to. Some changes may be required, but it will do what you always wanted it to for ¼ of the cost of new in all cases. Give us a ring and let us help you out to not go in debt just because your stuff won’t run or needs a little work. Most times it is always wrong application parts not lined up with what you have! We have seen this more times than we like to tell you. Oil plugs filter and fuel included

  1. Take Engine off Pallet, Save Shipping Container, Tag All Parts Shipped with Engine
  2. Mark all Valve Train and Disassemble Your Complete Engine
  3. Mark Valves and Heads; Disassemble the Pair of Heads
  4. Check All Valves and Seats for Proper Seal and Clearance, Check Springs for Pressure
  5. Hot Wash and Re-assemble Both Heads with New P/C Style V-Guide Seals
  6. Dial Bore Gauge Your Cylinders, Check Align Bore and CNC Probe Check for Proper Deck Surface Heights
  7. Plate Hone Your Block with Your Head Fasteners and Gaskets to Proper Finish
  8. Hot Wash Parts, Install Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs with Brass or Stainless Steel
  9. Check Cam, Lifters, Timing Set, Oil Pump, Push Rods and all Internal Parts
  10. Wet Mag, Mic Crankshaft Check for any Signs of Harmonics and Polish if Everything Checks Out
  11. Stretch Rod Bolts to Specification, Check Big and Small Ends for Proper Fit
  12. Assemble Complete Engine with “H” Series Bearings and Total Seal Plasma Moly Rings
  13. CC Engine, Degree Cam, Check Piston to Valve and Head, Verify TDC Pointer
  14. Install Heads, Intake, Oil Pan, Timing Cover w/Fel Pro Racing Gaskets Per Bore Size; CC Engine for Final Compression
  15. Check Carburetor, Ignition and all Related Parts For Proper Tune Up
  16. Install Engine on Dyno, Break in with Proper Fuel, Oil, Plugs and Verify Engine Power
  17. Deduct $400.00 if you do not want the engine dyno tested!
  18. Recheck Valves, Leak Engine, Check Compression and Inspect Oil Filter
  19. All Dyno Sheets, Engine Clearances, Cam Specs will be Shipped Back in Detail
  20. Completely Repackage and Ship Engine Back to You. Any Shipping Charges over $400.00 will be Extra

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