Small Block Chevy 350 to 434ci Basic Racing Rotators

Small Block Chevy 350 to 434ci Basic Racing Rotators


AwesomeEngines® 4340 Steel Crank Internally Balanced 3.48-3.75-3.875 and 4.0″ Stroke • Polished and Cleaned after Balancing •  AwesomeEngines® 5.7 to 6.0″ 4340 H-Beam Steel Bushed Rods with ARP8740 Bolts Cleaned, Lubed, Torqued, Big Ends Checked and Sized to Perfection • Mahle, JE-SRP or Wiseco Pro Series Shelf Stocking up to 14:1 Compression Forged Pistons that (depends on ci) • Oil Rail Supports Included • JE, Wiseco, Mahle or Total Seal File to Fit Plasma Moly Rings • King HP Race Bearings • Comes with Balance Sheet, Stickers, Contingency and Product Information


Options; 8:1 to 13:1, if offered. These are specific kits that are matched perfectly and here are some reasons to purchase from AwesomeEngines®


  1. We have tested these rotators extensively up to 800hp and used them in our engines with no failures or breakage at all when properly assembled
  2. High quality, carefully match components, hand picked to match your requirements then internally balanced, these kits save time and trouble
  3. We have never had a failure with any of these components when properly installed in any of our engines we build and offer to the public
  4. You must check bearing clearance before final assembly using plasti – gauge, some times HX bearings are needed
  5. Every big end bolts torqued correctly then dial bore gauge checked and corrected if needed, as well as the small ends for proper pin clearance
  6. Warehouse facilities can not do anything about machine shop practices let alone have the ability to catch a defective  product before you find out it is
  7. Awesome Engines gives you exact installation and instruction procedures with every rotator kit sold so you don’t make the mistakes that many do
  8. We give you a tech number you can call any time and talk to Awesome Bill to make sure what your doing is correct if you have any doubt
  9. We will match or beat any competitors pricing on comparable items

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