STS T1 F STD 225 CNC Ported SBF Heads

STS T1 STD 225 CNC Ported SBF Heads


The BRODIX Track 1 F series was designed for bolt-on horsepower, reliability, and weight loss. This head has become the cylinder head of choice in the Ford market for racers using the Windsor-style engine. It is available in many stages ranging from out-of-the-box bare castings to 100% CNC ported, assembled packages.The BRODIX Track 1 F comes standard with an exhaust port that has been raised .500″. The X exhaust that incorporates the “N” bolt pattern is available as an option, and the combustion chambers may be angle milled. BRODIX has the perfect head for all applications with port sizes ranging from 195 cc to 225 cc.



  • STS T1 F STD 225cc 20° 1068107 Complete CNC Ported Heads
  • 2.100/1.600 Intake and Exhaust CNC Competition Valve Job
  • 68cc Combustion Chambers
  • Fully Machined Valve Guides .530″ Seal
  • Production SBF Intake Manifolds and Deck Heights Available
  • Uses Multiple SBF Exhaust Patterns
  • Roller Rockers, Jesel or T&D Shaft Rocker Arms Available
  • 1011-1 /1011-2 Fel Pro Head Gaskets
  • ARP Head Bolt or Stud Kits Available 154-3603b-4203s
  • Head Flow 334/231 cfm @.700″
  • 2.100/1.600 Valve Sizes
  • Brodix Stainless Steel Valves are Used in Package Heads
  • 1.550″ .700″ Lift Hydraulic or Solid Roller Springs
  • 10° Titanium Retainers
  • U.S. PC Valve Stem Seals Installed
  • Hardened Spring Seats, 5/16 GP 7/16 Rocker Studs
  • Ford 7/16 Roller Rockers; Jesel or T&D Available
  • Many Dual or Single Plane Manifolds Available

Available Upgrades

Flat Milling for Smaller Combustion Chambers .006″ per cc
+ $ 10.00
CNC Match Ported Intake Manifold
+ $ 250.00
Enconel Exhaust Valves
+ $200.00
ARP 154-4203 Head Stud Kit
+ $ 179.99
T&D any Ratio Pro Series Shaft Rocker System
+ $1295.00
Jesel any Ratio Pro Series Shaft Rocker System
+ $1490.00
Fel Pro 1134-1135 MLS Head Gaskets (up to 4.180 bore size and .041″ thickness, other sizes available)
+ $ 150.00
Jomar Special CNC Ported 1¼” Spacer, Stud, Gaskets that actually makes up to 5hp and 10lbs of torque
+ $ 80.00

All Completed Heads Come with Specific Build Sheet, all Part numbers, Spring Rates and Installed Height Settings

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