AwesomeEngines® TH350 550-650 Hp from


  • High Pressure High Volume Front Pump Assembly
  • (3) Intermediate Clutch Pack Assembly
  • Heavy Duty Sprag Assembly
  • GM Output Shaft Assembly
  • Alto Clutches and Seals
  • Black Painted Case
  • Any Valve Body Available
  • Recon Low Gear Assembly
  • HP Bushings, Gaskets and Seals
  • New Dip Stick and Tube Assembly
  • 3 Year 100,000 Mile Warranty Available on Street Strip Only Call for Price?
TH350 Street Strip $1285.00
Rated up to 550 HP with HD Sprag Supplied
  • Retains Automatic Normal Up Shifts and Shift Patterns
  • OEM Input and Output Shafts Re manufactured
  • Firm Positive Shift Specific Shift Points
  • Modified Pistons for Clutch Clearance
  • Modified Front Pump Assembly
  • Alto HP Clutches and Steels
  • Intermediate Hp Sprag
  • All New Internal Bushings
  • Stock Dip Stick and Tube Assembly available
  • #36 Element Super Sprag +$375.00
  • 4×4 Case +$150.00
  • BOP Case $40.00
  • Deep Aluminum Pan +$90.00
TH350 Competition $1495.00
Rated up to 650 HP with HD Sprag Supplied
  • Everything on the 600 Hp Plus What is Here
  • Forward Pattern Manual Valve Body
  • Reverse Pattern Manual V/Body +$85.00
  • Modified Pistons for Proper Clutch Clearance
  • HD Intermediate Sprag Outer Race
  • Teflon Sealing Rings
  • #36 Element Super Sprag +$375.00
  • Locking Dip Stick and Tube Assembly available
  • Deep Aluminum Pan, Locking Dip Stick and Tube +$125.00


We can supply you with the proper torque converter and  the best warranty. We will help with the proper selection for your new AwesomeEngine® or you can send yours in to match the new HP we give you along with your application. We have found as much as a ½ second in better E.T. times with our TSI Converters!

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