AwesomeEngines® Bullet Proof TH400-1700Hp

Finally a TH400 built to withstand up to 1700hp but not limited to more. Not saying you guys can not break this with severe tire shake but it has been tested with a smooth clean pass with a 2400lb car over 2000Hp. We personally will be testing this again this year in a brand new grudge car and this is the real 3 speed transmission you want for those heavy hitting door cars.


  • High Pressure High Volume Front Pump Assembly
  • (5) Custom Intermediate Clutch Pack Assembly
  • Steel Billet Forward Clutch Hub Assembly
  • Extra Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan
  • Full Rollerieed Output Shaft Assembly
  • Hardened Steel Alloy Main Shaft
  • Pro Mod Style Sprag Assembly
  • Vasco HD Steel Input Shaft
  • Alto Clutches and  Seals
  • Bushed Center Support
  • Trans Brake Valve Body
  • 2.48 Low Gear Assembly
  • HP Bushings, Gaskets & Seals
  • Locking Dip Stick w/ Tube Assembly Available $55
  • We run this in our Quick 8 Big Tire Car @2870lbs w/1 stage of N2O = 4.60 1/8 Mile @ YellowBullet

We have many different TH400’s priced from Stock Street Strip $1495.00 to the King here. BOP or just bracket or street strip racing. TH400’s are not a problem. Get your best price then call us, we will beat it and we have it!

1. TH400 B-O-P or Chevy 800-hp Rated Street Strip Pro  Auto Matic Up-Shifts $1495.00

2. TH400 B-O-P or Chevy 800-hp Rated Racing w/Reverse Manual Valve Body $1695.00

3. TH400  B-O-P or Chevy  800-hp Rated Racing  w / Trans  Brake  Valve Body $1895.00

4. TH400 BOP or Chevy 3 Speed-New 1200hp Rated w/Pro Mod Sprag Set Up $2595.00

5. TH400-3-Speed-New 1600hp Rated “BulletProofed” w/Pro Mod Sprag Set Up $3095.00

6. TH400-2-Speed-New 2000hp Rated “BulletProofed” w/Pro Mod Sprag Set Up $3995.00

We can supply you with the proper torque converter and  the best warranty. We will help with the proper selection for your new AwesomeEngine® or you can send yours in to match the new HP we give you along with your application. We have found as much as a ½ second in better E.T. times with our TSI Converters!


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