Warranty Information You Break It, We Fix It Free

One (1) Year You Break It, We Fix It Free Racing Engine Warranty

Please Note: 01-01-2018, our One (1) Year You Break It, We Fix It Free Drag Racing Engine Warranty excludes all Nitrous, Supercharged or Turbo Charged engines and short blocks. The warranty does not include any other forum of competition racing engines, such as road course, unless it is stated on the original invoice. Freight or insurance charges to the AwesomeEngines® or back to the customer after repair. All freight, insurance and shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

We are not responsible for damage caused by the use of slipper clutches, improperly balanced flywheels, clutches, flex-plates, damaged or defective torque converters or transmissions. AwesomeEngines® will not warranty any engine that is returned to us with the rear side of the thrust bearing damaged or worn badly. Any black death or signs of the engine being used while running hot on any of the piston skirts from improper fuel or timing being set incorrectly. Any excessive wear from using improper oil without the minimal amount of 2000ppm of ZDDP was used. Any engine fluids that had been run hot or low or not changed at proper intervals.

Warranty Return Policy

We strive to make all our customers completely satisfied with their racing engine purchase from AwesomeEngines®. If you have an engine failure within the first year after purchase, return the engine to AwesomeEngines® facility with a copy of your original receipt. We do not accept returns on any racing engine that has been disassembled, modified or altered in any way after leaving AwesomeEngines® facility.

Important; To Make a Return

You must contact AwesomeEngines® at 302-436-4200 to advise us that you have had an issue and are returning your engine.

If you are using you shipper and paying for the return yourself, you will still be responsible for all shipping charges back to you from me.

It is advised to use our shipper to us and back to you. It is very discounted and insurance is always included.

No returns will be accepted at all for any COD shipping charges. You must take care of that before you ship the engine to us.

Ship the engine properly crate packaged to: AwesomeEngines® 36389 DuPont Blvd. Selbyville DE 19975. Returns must include the exact engine originally shipped to you the customer. Its best if the original shipping container be used if possible.

There are no refunds on any racing engine covered by our One (1) Year You Break It We Fix It Free Warranty. Please let us know when it is ready to pick up, we will send our shipper at our very discounted rate. We will not be responsible for any damage to the engine and or any related part in shipping to our facility if you do not secure the engine very well. Yes the trip is bumpy and ruff, that is why we package it very secure.

There are no other fees or your losses of any type including, any legal, loss wages, loss of use, bodily injury, down time, damage to any non engine related parts, paint, fluids etc, or any other circumstances that could arise from a drag racing accident or incident under none of these conditions or anything else be paid for. These are racing engines and failures, while very rarely they happen, they do happen. If you do not like this, please feel free to purchase your engine anywhere else you find a better warranty on a real racing engine.

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