World SBC Race Blocks


WORLD SBC RACE BLOCKS Features a strong durable casting with a minimum deck thickness of .700″ as well as a well supported main web and cam tunnel. These blocks also feature billet main caps for more crankshaft stability, ARP main studs, bolt in debris screen included with the block to save you time during block preparation, NO MORE EPOXY, it is clearanced for a 4.0″ stroke crank with steel rods saving time and money. This block is designed for maximum performance with all the time saving amenities built in. Each block comes with cam bearings, expansion plugs, bolt in debris screen, dowels pins, restrictors and pipe plugs. This block can be safely bored to 4.185″ for 440ci’s w/4.0″ stroke

Part Number       Cap     Main  Deck  Bore     Price

4000350S    Steel Billet 350 9.015 3.990 $2095

4122350S    Steel Billet 350 9.015 4.116 $2095

4122400S     Steel Billet 400 9.015 4.116 $2095

4155350S     Steel Billet 350 9.015 4.155 $2095


Fully Race Prepped to 9.000″ DH Bored and Plate Honed, Cam Bearings Freeze Plugs Hot Washed Ready to Assemble (4.000 / 4.125″ bore)
+ $ 795.00
O-ring Block Installed Stainless Steel Wire
+ $ 195.00
Clevite or King Race Main Bearings
+ $  95.00
Special Head Stud Kit Used for Honing and Supplied for Your Heads (from)
+ $ 100.00

Call for any special request that are not listed and we will make it happen

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