355ci 358 Hp SBC Street Crate Engine

355ci 358 Hp SBC Street Crate Engine

SBC 355ci 358 Hp Street Crate Engine for cars, hot rods, some marine applications. CNC blueprinted Race Prepped GM blocks bored, decked, final plate honed to perfection, assembled with Balanced Rotators, Compression available from 8 to 10:1 for 87 to 93° Pump Gas Dyno T&T


9.010″ Deck | up to 4.060″ Bore | 3.480″ Stroke | 5.700″ Rods | 375 lb@ 3200 rpm / 358 Hp @ 4800 rpm


  • GM 4 Axis CNC Machined Race Prepped Block Plate Honed
  • Timing Cover, Oil Pan, Pump, Intake, Valve Kit
  • Block Brass Plug and Durabond Cam Bearing Kit
  • GM 3.480″ Internally Balanced Crank
  • GM 5.700 I-Beam Rods with ARP Rod Bolts
  • Clevite or King Main Main and Rod Bearings
  • GM Cast Aluminum 9:1 Pistons
  • Moly File to Fit Ring Set
  • Comp Cams Hydraulic Street Complete Cam Kit
  • Chrome Timing Cover and TDC Pointer Kit
  • Internally Balanced Harmonic Damper
  • GM Steel Cylinder Heads
  • Intake Exhaust Valves, Guides and Seats
  • Fel Pro Head Gasket Set
  • Long Slot 1.5 Rocker Arms
  • GM Short Valve Covers with Baffles
  • Melling Oil Pump Kit with Welded Pickup
  • New 5qt Oil Pan
  • Aluminum Dual Plane Intake Manifold
  • Holley or QFT 570 cfm 4150 Carburetor (see options)
  • HEI Distributor, Spark Plug Wires and NGK Plugs
  • Dyno Tested and Tuned to Perfection


Dart SHP or Brodix S400035842S High Performance Block
+ $ 1475.00
JE or Wiseco Forged Light Weight Racing Flat Top Pistons and 1/16 1/16 3/16 File to Fit Ring Set
+ $ 395.00
383ci 3¾” Nodular Internally Balanced Eagle Crank; Same Internal Dampener and Flexplate as a 350
+ $ 395.00
383ci 3¾” or 355ci 3.48″ Stroke 4340 Internally Balanced Steel Crank, H Beam Rods, JE, Mahle, or Wiseco Forged Pistons Rotator Kit
+ $1895.00
450Hp Kit: Dart SS165cc-67cc-2.02-1.60 Heads, Hyd Roller Cam Kit, Air Gap, Holley or QFT 600 Carb Kit, HEI Ignition Kit Complete Turn Key Engine
+ $3775.00
475Hp Kit: Brodix IK 64cc-2.02-1.60 Heads, Hyd Roller Cam Kit, Air Gap, Holley or QFT 650 Carb Kit, HEI Ignition Kit Complete Turn Key Engine
+ $3995.00
Hydraulic Roller Camshaft and Lifter Kit
+ $ 695.00
Comp Cams Gold Ultra Roller Rockers; will require tall valve covers
+ $ 255.00
Holley or QFT up to 670 CFM Vacuum 2ndary Carburetor
+ $ 395.00
SS SFI 7″ Internally Balanced Harmonic Damper
+ $ 150.00
HEI Distributor and Wires; or MSD Billet Ready to Run Distributor, Blaster Coil and Bracket ($495)
+ $ 125.00
TCI SFI Heavy Duty 168 Tooth Flex-Plate and ARP Bolt Kit Internally House Balanced to Perfection
+ $145.00
Power Master # 9004 Gear Reduction Starter
+ $ 195.00
Complete EZ EFI Fast or Holley Sniper Fuel Complete Injection System Installed, Dyno Tested and Tuned
+ $1995.00
AwesomeEngines® CNC Engraved Logo Covers with Billet Oil Fill
+ $ 325.00
CVF Loaded Serpentine Kit Polished Alternator, Power Steering, AC, Water Pump Pulleys and Bracket Kit
+ $1795.00
GM TH400 Performance Transmission Kit, Trans Bolt Set, Trans Cooler, Mount Kit, Hose, Clamps, Convertor, Flexplate, FP Bolts, Fluid, Dipstick Shipped
+ $1995.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned Using 87 to 93° Exxon • Vacuum Pump • HP Corrected To Sea Level

Crated Sealed Freight for Engine Shipped to a Commercial Address or Terminal Closest to Your Zip Code for Pickup 48 States $295

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