400ci Pontiac Street Short Block

400ci Pontiac Street Short Block


Pontiac 400ci 2 Bolt 3.000″ Main Block Hot Tanked • CNC Bored on 4.620″ Perfect Bore Centers to 4.150-4.180″ • CNC Perfectly Square Decked 45° from Crank and Cam Bar to 10.230″ • Honed to 4.155 .030″ or 4.185 .060″ Maximum Bore of  4.185″-412ci  • Hot Washed • Cam Bearings • Brass Freeze Plugs • Assembled with Rotator Listed

Pontiac Reconditioned 400 3.750″ Crank • Pontiac Reconditioned 6.625″ I Beam Stock Rods • Flat Top Cast Aluminum Pistons • Moly Rings • All New Bearings • Viton 2 Piece Rear Main Seal


ARP Main Stud Kit
+ $175.00
ARP 190,000 PSI Rod Bolts
+ $175.00
ARP Wave-Lock Hi-Performance Rod Bolts
+ $195.00
Speed Pro Press Fit Forged Hi-Performance Pistons and Moly Rings File Fit to Specifications
+ $475.00
Hi-Performance Balanced H-Beam 4340 Steel Connecting Rods with 7/16 12 Point Rod Bolts
+ $595.00
4340 Internally Balanced Crank Shaft, 4340 H Beam 7/16 ARP8740 Bolt Severe Duty Connecting Rods, Forged Mahle Pistons and Rings
+ $2595.00
Balance and Blue Print Rotator to .5 ozin
+ $375.00
Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam Shaft Kit; Competition Cams or  Erson Cam, Lifters, Double Roller Timing Set, Cam Plate Installed
+ $450.00
Hydraulic or Solid Roller Cam Kit; Competition Cams or Erson Pro Street Cam, Roller Lifters, Billet 9 Key Way Timing Set and Hardware Installed
+ $1275.00
Deluxe Short Block Kit
+ $975.00
Lucas 20w50 Break in Required Oil Case of Six Quarts and Napa Black Gold Oil Filter
+ $75.00
Fel Pro Head Gasket Finish Kit
+ $150.00
Cometic MLS Tri-Layer Severe Duty Head Gaskets up to .051″
+ $175.00
Oil Filter Housing and Fasteners Kit, Oil Pump Primed and Pressure Recorded
+ $150.00
SFI PowerBond Internal Harmonic Dampener Honed to Fit Crank if Needed and TDC Verified
+ $275.00

Cam Shaft Kit

Flat Tappet or Roller Cam Shaft Kit Chosen
16-Hydraulic Flat Tappet or Roller Lifters
Double Roller or Billet Timing Set
Camshaft 2 Bolt Plate Kit
Degree Camshaft

Deluxe Short Block Kit

Brand New Aluminum Timing Cover Kit Installed
M54DS Oil Pump Kit and Proper Pick Up Tube
Moroso 7 Quart Correct Oil Pan Kit Installed
New Harmonic Dampener TDC Verified
All Gaskets to Finish Short Block

All Short Blocks Come with a Blue Print and Balance Sheet and all Product Information and Instructions

Actual Freight Charges for Short Block Shipped to a Commercial Address or Terminal to Closest Zip Code for Pickup in the 48 States

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