AwesomeEngines TH400 Transmissions

AwesomeEngines® TH400 Transmissions

This TH400 is built to withstand up to 1600hp but not limited to more. Not saying you can not break this with severe tire shake but it has been tested with smooth clean NOS passes with our 2800lb car


    • High Pressure High Volume Front Pump Assembly


    • (5) Custom Intermediate Clutch Pack Assembly


    • Steel Billet Forward Clutch Hub Assembly


    • Extra Deep Aluminum Transmission Pan


    • Full Rollerized Output Shaft Assembly


    • Hardened Steel Alloy Main Shaft


    • Pro Mod Style Sprag Assembly


    • Vasco HD Steel Input Shaft


    • Alto Clutches and  Seals


    • Bushed Center Support


    • Trans Brake Valve Body


    • 2.48 Low Gear Assembly


    • HP Bushings, Gaskets and Seals


    • Locking Dip Stick and Tube Assembly Available $55


  • We run a Quick 8 Big Tire Car @2800lbs w/2 stages in 1/8 Mile

We have many different TH400’s priced from Stock Street Strip $1295.00 to the King here. BOP or just bracket or street strip racing. TH400’s are not a problem

1. TH400 B-O-P or Chevy 850-hp Rated Street Strip Automatic Up Shifts $1695.00

2. TH400 B-O-P or Chevy 850-hp Rated Reverse Manual Valve Body $1795.00

3. TH400  B-O-P or Chevy 850-hp Rated Trans Brake Valve Body $1995.00

4. TH400 BOP or Chevy 1200hp Rated with Pro Mod Sprag $2595.00

5. TH400-3-Speed 1600hp Rated Pro Mod Sprag Set Up $3495.00

6. TH400-2-Speed-New 2000hp Rated “Bullet Proof” $4495.00

We also can supply you with the worlds best torque converters with the best warranty available. We direct you to the exact converter for your application or you can send yours to see if an upgrade for power levels you run are available. We have found as much as a ½ second in better E.T. times with our Custom Built 2 year Warranty Big Dawg Converters!


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