AwesomeEngines® 11/29/2021

Drag racing today is more technical than ever with everyone following dots because they can and do but hitting the tree now is where some are great and others no so. We have seen 7.49 all day no matter what condition or weather and .0001 and 0002 in a lot of races is common now. All have won and lost races with both of those numbers and always loved the winning ones. Consistent ET has always been the main focus with all of our  AwesomeEngines®, especially the Nitrous. I am a manufacturer the builds, then dyno test every engine produced to confirm it ready for your needs. We have all of our customers engines we have done and my personal Top Dragster, Pro Mod, Big Tire, 8.50 Camaro winning combinations over the last 40 years as practice makes perfect.

Running the 8.50 class at 3400lbs in my Pro Street 1968 Camaro was like printing my et ticket first. If I moved first, the other guy went home. My Camaro would run an 8.50 out the back door every time, if he came around me to take the finish line, they run out every time I wanted it to using Nitrous Oxide. Figuring out the combinations years ago Sold a ton of engines. I told all my customers the package was essential and some listened. In all my years of racing from 1974 we learned from mistakes. Fast forward 48 years, I sell the same package now with NOS or Prochargers bringing the price of big HP engines to a reasonable budget with no worries on breaking internals from power.

That brings me to engine building with Power-adders. Engines making 1200 to 2000 Hp with a power-adder start at $10,000.00 and you can price them from many builders. A Bracket engine making that power needs the very best of everything and it still is not cost effective for most people. These engines need less gear, converter slippage and rpm to run dead on.

EFI and a D1X Procharger engine making 1400Hp under 7000 rpm with a 540ci engine is under $30,000.00 with decent engine parts are available. Brodix, Dart, World and even Chinese steel blocks and heads will work. Chinese forged or Steel Billet 4340 Cranks for years now have been able to support 1500hp+ and I have done it very successfully many times. Not being proud of it but someone always take less and make it work.

Fast forward 20 years, Chinese or off our shore parts are made better. Callies, Crower and many more companies still offer the USA crankshafts, aluminum or steel race blocks, connecting rods and most everything needed for one stop shopping. Race Winning Brands with its purchase of Dart, JE, K1, Wiseco, Trend, Manley, Diamond.  EPW, Holley, Comp Cams all USA companies buying up everything for one stop shopping has made racing just as good as ever and continued to hold pricing as well as it is.

You always can purchase what your budget will support, just make sure the final engine will support your budget! Engines are expensive to anyone on a budget, so building it for an application with someone who has done it with a warranty is key and separates the people who can.

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