Drive Train


Power Glide: AwesomeEngines® has been manufacturing and offering the best Power Glide Transmissions for years. From 600 HP to 3000 Hp. We have the perfect package including any torque converter for any type of racing. For combinations including Drag Racing, Pullers, Mudders and Sand Draggers, just give us a call and we will take care of you the first time.
TH350 and TH400 Units are available.Trans brake units and the new SFI case TH400’s which are now available are the newest addition to our line up. So when your street car or drag car needs a new or rebuilt unit, just give us a ring.
Check us out and be the smart one and buy a package. When you buy from here and there, people really have no idea, they just sell you parts. We dyno, we test and we can deliver the package that is right the first time. Very competitive pricing and shipping overseas is not a problem, Australia, UK as well as any other place that can accessed.
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