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Equipment in our machine shop to supply you with the quality service you deserve and I require


In 2005 we purchased our first 4 axis CNC machine, a Rottler F68A. In 2010 we got smarter and purchased a 4 axis B4250 Centroid from then on, that separated us from most. Lastly, APRIL 16, 2013 the second Brand New 2013 B4250 4 Axis CNC Machine was delivered. I simply do not use anything else to race prep any part of any engine except the dead on Centroid 4 axis machine


Centroid B-4250 4-Axis Block & Head Machine • Sunnen CV616 Honing Center • Sunnen CH100 Align Hone Center • Sunnen Complete Head Center • Sunnen Electric Hydraulic Press System • CWT Multi Bal 5000 Crank Balancer • Peterson CBN Block & Head Resurface Center • Peterson Hot Wash Center • Peterson Head & Block Boiling Center • BridgePort CNC Head & Block Center • 2 Lathes • Stuska Fully Automatic Latest Soft Wear Dyno Center • Crack detection Center • ABS Porting Center • (2) Ingersoll Rand Air Lifting Trolley Systems • Snap On Shot Bead System • Over $250,000.00 in (4) Snap On Loaded Large Tool  Boxes with Snap On Everything • (6) Digital Snap on Calibrated in House Torque Wrenches along with (6) Click Type and a host of tig and mig weldeds. Crank grinding is subbed out because I just do not do it enough to do it perfectly.
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