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Hi-Performance / Racing Engine Blocks


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PLEASE CALL ON ALL PRICING AND AVAILABILITY ON ALL BLOCKS; A good sturdy well prepped engine block is the foundation of every motor. Whether it be OEM, performance, or all out race, the block is the key. With the amount of options in the market today, there is certainly a lot of room for error in picking the right block for your application. The most common mistakes are either not having enough block for the power your package intends to make, or having too much block (a rather ludicrous idea in general, but when working with a budget it is appropriate to allocate funds towards the right areas of the engine.)

However, no matter your application, we are stocking dealers for the top name brands in block manufactures today. With our available contacts in the industry, along side three decades of knowledge and R&D, we can help you find, purchase, and receive the proper block for your next engine project.

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