Nitrous Racing Engines

Nitrous Racing Engines


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AwesomeEngines® builds all levels of very competitive race engines. N2O Series just takes it up another level for extreme power adder classes where it is a must.


Dart or Merlin III special blocks w/oring wire installed for copper head gaskets or MLS, Magnum Callies or Crower Cranks, Callies and Oliver Rods, JE Wiseco Quick 8-16-Big Chief Pistons, 220″ Tool Steel Pins, TNT rings make up the short blocks


Fully CNC ported receiver grooved heads of flat surface for MLS, CNC ported Intakes, Big Camshaft cores, Shaft Rockers along with upgraded push rods, oil system and ignition for a turn key high end Nitrous engine.


Great price, high quality and these engines can also be 8:1 to 16:1 compression race engines, E85, Maxx Pro Street, Pulling or Mud Truck applications. Pump Gas Drag Racing is here!


Engine Freshen Up Special $2895.00

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