Engine Freshen Up from $2995.00

Machine Work and All Components Listed Below
  • Complete Disassemble Of Engine
  • Cam Bearings and all Block Plugs Removed
  • Hot Wash Block to Remove all Fluids
  • Check Deck of Block and Main Cap Surfaces
  • Lube Main Bolts #3 Extreme Pressure, Torque and Check Align Bore
  • Check Both Decks For Proper Square Deck Height
  • Lifter Bores Dial Bore Gauge Checked For Proper Size
  • Plate Hone Block with Proper Fasteners and #3 Lube
  • Hot Wash, Blow Dry Block for Final Assembly
  • Install New Cam Bearings and Brass or Stainless Freeze Plugs
  • Clean Mag and Polish Crankshaft
  • Remove Pistons from Rods, Dial Bore Gauge Big and Small Ends
  • Stretch Rod Bolts, Check Big Ends of Rods for Concentric Bearing Crush
  • Every Old Part Returned to you For Your Inspection
  • Disassemble Cylinder Heads and Inspect all Guides and Valves
  • Hot Wash and Blow Dry Heads Mic all Valve Stems
  • Dyke Seats and Hand Lap all Valves to Check for Proper Seating
  • Check Surface of Heads for Straightness with Steel Straight Edge
  • Check and Re-Set Valve Spring Pressure to Proper Seat Pressure
  • Install New PC Style Correct Fit to Guide Valve Guide Seals
  • Assemble Heads for Camshaft and Springs to Specifications
  • File Fit Engine Rings for Proper Clearance per Application
  • Lube and Install Pistons on to Qualified Checked Rods
  • Check Cam for Straightness Degree Camshaft
  • TDC Pointer is TDC Verified After Number 1 Piston is Installed
  • Engine Is Completely Assembled
  • CC Engine For Actual Compression
  • Engine Timed, Primed, Valves Adjusted and Ready To Start

Engine Rebuild Parts Used In Freshen Up

King or Clevite HP Series Racing Main and Rod Bearings Sized Correctly
Total Seal File Fit Plasma Moly Ring Set
Fel Pro Head Gaskets Installed For Proper Bore Size and Thickness per Proper Application Needed
All Other Proper Engine Gaskets Installed For Fit and Usage
Proper Dura-Bond Cam Bearings Installed
Stainless Steel Freeze Plugs Installed for Life-Time Service
U.S. Seals PC Style Valve Guide Seals Installed For Springs Used
Napa Black Gold Oil Filter and Lucas #10635 or Renegade 20w50 Racing Oil is Always and Only Used
Napa Black Gold Oil Filter Installed For Oil Pressure Priming of Engine to Verify No Leaks
Cometic or Fel Pro MLS Head Gaskets Installed
$  195.00
Total Seal Stainless Steel Rings Package (recommended to have over 950hp or n2o)
$  195.00
Trend Tool Steel .180″ Thick Wall Wrist Pins (recommended to have w/n2o)
$  250.00
Comp Cams “HIPPO” HD Ultra Duty Bushed Roller Lifters
Jesel or T&D Shaft Rocker System Installed (from)
Jesel Belt Drive System Installed
$  975.00
Moroso Pro Eliminator Steel Oil Pan with Kick Out and Sectional Oil Control
$  395.00
Moroso Billet 22163 or 22164 Oil Pump For Oil Pan Purchased
$  395.00
Moroso Vacuum Pump Complete Kit with Tank All Lines Installed
Dyno Test and Completely Tune Your Engine For Maximum Power and Performance
$  695.00

Crate Engine and Ship Back to Your Nearest Terminal or Commercial Address with a $300.00 Limit

Shipping charges up to $300.00 are included, anything over will be your cost

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