Short Blocks

Short Blocks


For individuals who can perform their own work, our short blocks offer various levels for a wide array of applications. Short blocks, in most instances, are offered in four different models; Bracket, Bullet, Magnum and Street series. The street application is available w/lower compression ratios from 8:1 and up to meet your needs upon request. So give us a call when you want to upgrade your short block to a rock solid proven unit that will supply all your needs for power.


Street Series are supplied w/4340 or cast cranks, H or I-beam rods, cast or forged pistons, Hastings or Total Seal Rings, King standard bearings or when “H” series are required on 4340 cranks. We have never seen a failure in any crank or rod we have installed in our Street series short blocks even with power levels over 600hp. These  short blocks will supply years of service when properly installed.


Bracket Series are generally the most popular short blocks requested. Equipped with a Eagle, K1 or Scat 4340 crank and rods with Wiseco Pro Series pistons, Total Seal rings and King “H” racing bearings. Dart, PBM or Pro Series blocks are fully cnc blue print race prepped. These are used for many types of racing and are the best all around choice for bracket racing.


Bullet Series take it to the next level and is middle ground of short blocks. Callies Dragon Slayer cranks, K1 steel Billet or Manley Rods w/ARP2000 bolts, JE or Wiseco Pro Series Pistons, Total Seal rings and King “H” bearings. Dart or PBM World Blocks are the standard. Also NOS available series.


Magnum Series are truly the best available all made in the U.S.A parts including Callies Magnum or Lunati Pro Series cranks, Oliver Steel Rods, JE or Wiseco Quick 8 or 16 conventional or Big Chief BBC, and now “Lil” Quick 16 SBC pistons w/Power Levels o.k. to 2000hp natural and NOS style engines. Dart and PBM World Blocks are the standard.


New lower pricing on all short blocks


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