565ci 800 Hp BBC Marine Crate Engine

565ci 800Hp BBC Marine Monster Crate Engine

The 565ci Marine Crate Motor is a new direct replacement unit for your marine 9.800 short deck needs. Built for any type of marine application where long term reliable power and performance is needed. Dart Big M and Merlin III Blocks are prepared on our state of art Centroid 4-axis CNC machining center that corrects block dimensions to blue print perfect. Each engine is dyno tested and tuned, not some phony guess work on real power. This is the best, reliable, pump gas friendly perfect mannered running Marine Crate Engine available.


9.800″ Deck | 4.600″ Bore | 4.250″ Stroke | 6.535″ Rods | 800Hp @ 6000RPM


  • Dart Big M or Merlin IV Splayed 4 Bolt Main CNC Race Block
  • 12 Point Head and Inner Valley Stud Kit Plate Honed w/Block
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Life Time Freeze Plug Kit Installed
  • K1 4340 Internally Balanced Steel Crank Shaft
  • K1 Steel Billet H-Beam Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts
  • King Race Series Main and Rod Bearing Set
  • JE or WISECO 10:1 Forged Racing Pistons
  • JE or WISECO 1.5/1.5/3.0 mm Moly Ring Set
  • Comp Cams Custom Marine Hydraulic Roller Cam
  • Comp Cams DRST Hydraulic Roller Lifters
  • Cloyes Billet True Roller Installed for Life Long Running
  • Cloyes Aluminum 2 Piece Timing Cover with Internal Bearing
  • ATI SFI Internally Balanced Harmonic Damper

  • Dart Iron Eagle 330cc Fully CNC Ported Marine Coating Steel Heads
  • Dart 2.300 x 1.880 Stainless Steel Valves
  • Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Bee Hive Springs Tool Steel-Retainers
  • Fel Pro Marine Hi-Performance Gasket Set
  • Manley 3/8 x .135″ Wall Severe Duty Push Rods
  • Comp Cams Gold Ultra Series 1.7 Roller Rockers
  • AwesomeEngines® CNC Engraved Powder Coated V Covers
  • AwesomeEngines® Moroso # 22175 Oil Pump Kit
  • AwesomeEngines® Moroso Marine 8qt Oil Pan
  • BMP Merlin Marine CNC Match Ported Coated Aluminum Intake
  • HOLLEY or QFT 1000 cfm Marine Carburetor
  • MSD Billet Distributor, 8.5mm Wires, NGK Plugs
  • AwesomeEngines® Free 48 State Free Freight

Available Upgrades

Brodix or Dart Aluminum Light Weight Racing Block Fully CNC Race Prepped and Special Head Stud Kit
+ $3975.00
55mm Cam and .904″ Lifters; Best Upgrade Available for this Combination
+ $  775.00
Callies Magnum 4340 USA Steel Crank Shaft
+ $1450.00
Crower Enduro 4340 Best in the Business All Out Racing Crank Internally Balanced
+ $1495.00
Oliver Steel I Beam Rods Installed
+ $ 895.00
Crower Bullet Proof Special -6 I Beam Steel Rods
+ $  995.00
Titanium Intake Valves and Copper Beryllium Valve Seats for Long Life Valve Train Performance
+ $  995.00
ENCONELL Exhaust Valves for Long Life Valve Train Performance
+ $ 295.00
Melling Select Race Oil Pump
+ $  175.00
Steffs Kick Out 12qt. Hi-Performance Marine Oil Pan
+ $  595.00
Marine Oiler Cooler for Extended Oil Protection; Special Billet Oil Filter Adapter, ½” Lines and Huge Oil Cooler a must with this type of power
+ $  695.00
JESEL or T&D Pro Series Shaft Rocker System
+ $1095.00
MSD Complete Marine Ignition System Installed and Dyno Tested right on the Dyno
+ $  695.00
Moroso Custom Marine Vacuum Pump Kit Installed +10-15hp
+ $1095.00
AwesomeEngines® CNC Engraved Logo Your Color Powder Coated Covers w/ Billet Oil Fill
+ $  125.00
AwesomeEngines® Custom Evacuation Dual Valve Cover Stainless Steel AN Fitting System Installed with New Larger Breather
+ $ 495.00
Holley Dominator or Fast EZ EFI Unit Installed for the Perfect Mannered Marine Late Model Engine
+ $2495.00

Dyno Tested and Tuned w/Exxon 91° Pump Gas • HP Corrected to Sea Level

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