AwesomeEngines® Rotators are available in Street, Bracket, Bullet and Magnum Series: Rotators can be in house balanced if requested.


Street Series Rotating Assemblies are for street cars or marine applications. Crankshafts can be nodular or 4340, I-beam H Beam and even Aluminum rods, Sealed Power cast, Icon, JE, KB, Mahle Speed Pro or Wiseco forged pistons just to mention a few we use, Hastings Stock cast or moly, JE or Total Seal Rings SS, Hell Fire, TNT or Tool Steel, ACL, King or Mahle-Clevite HP series bearings when required on 4340 cranks.


Bracket Series are generally the most popular rotators requested with Callies Compstar, Eagle, Ohio, EPW and LPC using Scat cranks as well as a few others, Scat and 4340 H Beam Rods with ARP-8740 7/16 Bolts, JE Mahle, Manley and Wiseco Pro Series pistons,  Total Seal rings and King “H” racing bearings. These are used for many types of racing and are the best all around choice for bracket racing.


Bullet Series take it to the next level and is middle ground of all engines. Callies, K1, Manley, Molnar Ohio 4340 steel internally balanced Crankshafts, K1 Steel Billet or Manley or Molnar Rods w/ARP2000 bolts, JE or Wiseco Pro Series Pistons, Total Seal rings, ACL, King or Mahle-Clevite Race bearings.


Magnum Series are the best available rotators with Cranks from Bryant, Callies, Crower, Marine or Winberg, Callies, Crower or Oliver Steel Rods, JE or Wiseco Quick 8, 16, conventional “Lil” Quick 16 SBC Naturally Aspirated and NOS style engines.


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